13 thoughts on “Twister

  1. It’s weird that your post shows up in the right hand column, but not on the left hand side. Instead there are two posts of “MODEL SWIMMER BLOND 3” that show up for me.

    Anyway, I love this set of pics! My fave among them would be the darker haired boy with the necklace! Thanks for sharing!

    • I’ve seen that happen with a few of my other posts on occasion, it’s very strange, not sure what is causing that to happen. Glad you like it thought! This was part of a series a promised to post a while ago, and it was seeing it in Gingerguy’s post, finally reminded me to start posting it.

  2. Love these boys! So pretty! I wonder…This looks very Scandinavian to me, but in one picture the boys seen holding a Canadian flag. Are they Canadians?

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