Callum – Part 1-7

Okay this time a nice looking boy called Callum. It will be posted in 7 parts. Look at the contact sheet what to expect. I hope you like Callum. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Callum – Part 1-7

    • I saw your posting Maravel, i found a much better full archive without the terrible logo. Also these pics are in high resolution. I like him and so that is the reason i do a full posting of him and share him again with you guys. Thank you for sharing him earlier.

      • Yes! I 100% understand and support this decision! lol. Higher equability is always appreciated. I will eagerly be anticipating the chance to update my own collection! I intentionally only shared a limited section before, because of the ugly and inconsistent logos that plagued my copies. Pretty sure I have the complete set, just not as high quality. so thanks!

        • Hmm… on a second closer look, I actually think my pictures are a higher res. mine are 2400 x 3600 yours are 1280 x 1723. Though they still don’t have the logo on them which is nice.

          • It’s about the density of the picture. Not the size!
            How higher the density, the more you can “blow up” the picture or to say it differently. You be able increase the size of the picture.

          • Hi Maravel, I compared the same picture and i found out that “yours” is: 72 DPI and “mine” is 96 DPI. Bit depth are the same 24.

            So I win lol… OMG…..what a laugh!

            Then “mine” has no annoying logo and the set is complete.
            But let’s end this discussion… it is not that important, as long we all can enjoy photo’s of beautiful boys!! That’s what is all about.
            I want to thank you very much for all your previous postings of beauties. Thanks again and cheers!

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