Wet Speedo Boy

Hi guys!   Ran across this little hottie today while going through some of my collection and thought I’d share in case he hasn’t been seen in a while.

Looking at this series sure brings back those care-free days of youth – nothing to do in the summer but play and have fun in the sun!

Ahhh, to be young again ….  ( especially  if there are super cute boys like this at the lake )  Enjoy!!

8 thoughts on “Wet Speedo Boy

  1. Used to have a nice sized album of this amazing boy but lost it in a hard drive crash a while back. I’ve since found a few of him but nowhere near the collection here. Thanks so much for sharing. He is perfection in every way. From those beautiful eyes and smiling face to that gorgeous bottom hidden by the wet speedo; not to mention the smooth chest and legs.

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