A reminder about gentle people

I write this at 2am when one should be sleeping but some things are too tempting and can not wait.
Now by the 27th of may 2019 we all seem to know the ins and outs of todays world,it can be complicated,flawed and bigoted but I am not about that, we at bob thrive on a common understanding of purity,freedom and respect not just within the BL community but in all our pursuits and that is one misinterpretation about us, we have a life outside of our self styled network. We all go to work in some way because we are humans that are should be allowed to dip in then out of mainstream and tailored pools without being blamed or judged. We are good people with a warm and gentle craving for unity on top of our individual everyday pursuits, you probably heard this underlying message before it is good to keep it in circulation for as and when required, in the meantime bless yourselves with your ways weather its football or fishing however never forget what unites us…boys and just as important… Friendship

From your handsome (bias) 19yr old from Turkey

Now i can go to f@ckn sleep lol

11 thoughts on “A reminder about gentle people

  1. Thank you. You are wonderful to share this with us! It is very touching and I was really moved by it. I wish you a healthy and a good life!!

    Cheers, Johan

  2. I sometimes feel no one understands me or what I am going through. There’s logical explanations (that may not be fully understood yet) of why people are straight, bisexual, gay/lesbian, or BL/GL. I still feel society accepts a few of those “pockets” of society but not all.

    But I come here and know there are more like me and that helps a little. It’s a tough time to be in this world if you are not “the norm” and I mean anyone who is not the norm. We are getting to a point where leaders of many countries in the world are reverting back to way things were before HUMAN rights was a thing, only straight white guys were honorable.

    Sorry for the rant. I say all that to also say, thanks for post and remembering that we can find love in other places.

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