Boyphoto 11 – Drinnen-Draussen

Cover – Jungenfotos von Peter Wellmann

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6 thoughts on “Boyphoto 11 – Drinnen-Draussen

  1. Thank you for sharing, it’s a shame books like this aren’t made any more. Books that were made just to share “The Beauty of Boys.” Glad that someone had the forethought to scan and upload these online, or they might end up lost forever.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Many thanks should go out to Johnie, Camillo, Zig-Zag and Cosmos, among others for the scans back in the day.

      I hope to post much more of the Boyphoto books, altho so many have photos which aren’t permitted on BoB and a whole slew of others which are close to the “line,” whatever that is.

      I must note I appreciate that Matteo allowed all the photos I submitted for this post.

      • I should also mention the contemporary efforts by Karl Andersson, through his Destroyer Journal and other media, to publish and thereby rescue more pre-digital photography from obscurity.

        • I agree, I definitely run into the same issue with a lot of the older boy photo magazines I post, there have been a few that I wasn’t sure if they would get accepted or not. But I think Matteo is more lenient with these kinds of posts, as they diffidently have a very natural feel to them, and a more historic significance.

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