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  1. Hi Powderpuff,
    It is not necessary to publish picture series of Exposure here. I think all members know this site, because it is linked here and It is easier to download these series at Exposure as a zip-file.

    • I don’t visit Exposure and have never seen this set before. Sites like Exposure, and all the sites it links to, are way too spammy and javascript reliant. I would much rather discover this set here.

      • William.. you are so right! I know what I am doing and know how to handle those dangerous sites. That is also the reason I some time post sets from that site to BoB. Good thinking!!

    • What is necessary is my business! See the next message from William. Not everyone wants to login in that site. It is full of spy scripts. I use a special browser which is protected to it’s teeth. There are many more of those sites. You can count on it that kind of sites are “dangerous”. Lucky for me I know a lot of computers using the internet. Long before the internet I was a member of the Fidonet (google it) and I was surely one of the first to use internet.
      Further more i have my own UNIX (the original one), with fiber connection 1000 mbps . Also the server has a fiber connection with my home computer (not a laptop). So trust me I know what I am doing. Perhaps you don’t lol

      Before you say something to others, do your homework and don’t tell other people what to do. I hate that!!! And if you don’t like the pictures, leave them and go on serving unprotected on those sites.
      Happy scripting ha ha!!

  2. Ok boys, let’s not fight. I think LaLaLanka made a reasonable suggestion. Maybe he could have phrased it more diplomatically, but he had a good point.

    Powerpuff, you may have more networking experience and expertise than anyone else on BoB, but you don’t need to take a defensive posture. If it seems you do, perhaps I just read your comments that way. In either case, you have a different view on security than many. And you have a good argument for it.

    Yet the fact you have such a fast connection, explains perhaps the frequency of your, often, very large posts. Some take-aways from the recent discussion about Matteo’s “Some thoughts about posting” include:
    —limiting the size of posts
    —encouraging variety
    —reducing the overall number of posts
    —providing sample and/or links to large sets rather posting the entire set.
    —acknowledging members have a wide variety of preferences and tastes, and
    —encouraging civility between members.

    So, I hope you will take a suggestion from me, and the reasoning behind it. Limit the size and/or frequency of your posts. On this date of May 22nd you had 7 posts, about 350 photos, and a good 320 were in just 4 posts (105+96+70+52). That is a lot to scan through if one has the measly 50 MB (or less) connection that many of us have.

    For me it turns out I have often skiped your posts if I didn’t immediately see something that appealed to me. And even if I did see something appealing, I often quit looking if the post took too long to download or I just got tired of scanning it.

    OK, I admit that is me, my way and my opinion and I certainly am not telling you what to do. I just want to let you know.

    Thank you for your posts in BoB and have a great day.

    • bla_a,

      I have read your reply and I saw the suggestions you made. Perhaps a good idea for you is to become the Administrator here. How about that lol

      I am not going to fight 🙂 The main problem with the remark is the fact that he was telling me what to do and perhaps to others as well.

      If you should know me better, you should know that I am very busy with helping other people. We setup an institute that helps youngster with their sexuality problems. Think about gay / bi / lesbian and transsexuals. We even have a help program for Pedophiles. I have two medical master degrees (Heart and Cancer). We call that in The Netherlands a Specialist. In my case two disciplines. So I know what helping means!! I did that for a while in a big Academic Hospital here in Amsterdam before I decided to become a full time Photographer and Graphical Editor. I had my own studio and traveled all over the world.
      But at the present time I am very busy with helping people, as early described. I do this with other (old study mates and good friends). They also have a master degree in several disciplines.
      So you should know me a bit better by now lol

      Okay let’s continue:

      I have a very fast connection, that’s true. And I use UNIX based machines to login at risky sites. My big tower has also a UNIX part and is directly connected to my own UNIX (fiber connection) server with a SSD storage capacity of 10000 Terabytes (I am working with very big graphical files and it also stores beautiful photo sets of young men and is used for backups).

      The scripts they use on that sites have no effect on the UNIX environment. So it is save. Of course there are several application who are running along during internet actions and they delete the scripts and other suspicious things.
      You really should never use Windows environment for visiting certain sites. Think about porn and hack sites.

      Too much posting:

      ####### But I DO NOT DECIDE when it is posted. Matteo decides that!!! and not me. ####### So here you go.. a fault in thinking lol

      And all the post are for the “taking or leaving”. If you don’t like what you see, okay leave it. It is up to you.

      But I already decided to take a big step backwards in posting. So rest assured you won’t see me posting anymore. I will leave it to others.

      Have a good day and enjoy BoB.

      P.S. I had a plan to do a great SportPhoto-Online Set that has never been posted here before, as a “for the time being farewell posting”. This would be a “big” post in many parts (pending of course). Perhaps I should leave it for now.

      • Well, again, it seems you take this personally, and so consequently, you have decided to not post more to BoB.

        That was not my intent, and I am sorry to see you stop posting.

        • Well… lol It was a message to ME. So of course I took it personal. I am not offended btw. Your entitled to your own personal opinion.
          But I am not here to go in an endless discussion. We all have are personal opinions. When I look at your message, it is more diplomatic. I am more of a direct approach. That has to do what I have experienced in life. Specially when I was working in a hospital for years. I have seen so much pain and sorrow. Little boys and girls, I held in my arms while the where dying and their parents came too late to the hospital. As a specialist with all your knowledge, you stand at the side line and there was nothing I could do. If you may think that my country is a retarded one (witch I don’t think you do), your are in the mistaken. We have the most advanced equipment available and the staff is highly educated.
          Bla_a (I wish what your name is lol), I have seen the death in young peoples eyes. Boys and girls in the age of sometimes 5-8 years old. Their young lives came to an end far too early. Well I can write a book about it.

          Also at the present time I am really busy together with my friends to help other people in great need.

          For example: I had some good friends (study mates) and they where Pedophiles. I was called by one of their neighbors that something terrible was going to happen. I jumped into my car and raced toward them. I saw a couple of people looking upwards, and there they stood. They joined hands and jumped from the roof top. They splashed on the pavement. I stood about 10 meters from it. Their skulls split open and a lot of blood. I lost two very dear friends in a few seconds. Only because they had a specific sexual preference and couldn’t cope with it anymore. At that time something in me died too. I can tell you more stories, but let’s keep it by this one.

          I got angry about that remark from someone who didn’t knew what he was doing. Far too quickly judging and telling me what to do that is something I hate. That message was also directly written to me personally meant. I explained why. Serving on the WEB can be a very dangerous thing. And I explained why I downloaded that files and put them here on a safe bases.

          In general I hate all that judging by people towards others. When it comes to sexuality, people have their opinion ready. And in most cases religion plays a very important part.
          I have very good friends with different sexual preferences and I all accept and respect them who they are. I am not even interested in their preferences, I see them as equal.

          Well I hope that you have a better insight of me and also the reason why I reacted that way. Of course you also know how I stand in life.
          I am really a kind and understandable person with a lot of patience. That is what I hear from others. It is difficult to judge yourself lol

          A personal note: (perhaps you already guessed it) I am not a Pedophile. I have a purpose for being here. And you may know it is not a secret, I had an extensive discussion about these matters with Matteo. He became very dear to me. He also contribute in his own way by setting up and managing BoB. This site is very important!! I also expressed my feeling about it towards him and now I do it in public. I am happy to share my honest thoughts, in this case with you. Others will read this message too, so the news will spread out lol

          Well that’s enough for now.. I wish you all the best!!

    • That is a lot to scan through if one has the measly 50 MB (or less) connection that many of us have.

      In 2019! I call that pathetic! It then is time to do something about it.

    • A quick responds on one of your suggestions.

      —limiting the size of posts

      I looked back and indeed the amount of the picture per post where (sometimes) too many. I didn’t noticed that. So I can indeed reduce the amount of pictures per posting of a complete set.

      If I post a complete set, it can be done in smaller parts. I agree with you, so I take that advice from you. But I will always post complete sets. In this case the parts of a complete set will be increased. But that should not be a problem.

      Cheers, Johan (Powderpuff)

      • It was meant as a response to Rasmus, but I couldn’t get it to show that way. So, I hope you don’t take it personally. And on top of that, I have absolutely no ill feelings toward you. I admire all you do as you have described in earlier posts. Very cool, and admirable as well. (I will also respond to you in the other thread.)

        • Bla_a,

          I will NOTE YOUR REPLY of course, but I will NOT COMMENT on it. For me it is the END OF DISCUSSION.
          But your free do what you decide of course.

          Have a nice day.

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