Hockey Stars!

The 2019 IIHF Men’s World Hockey Championship will be played in Slovakia from May 10-26. My National Ice Hockey Team looks to defend last year’s gold medal. I’m thrilled to bits. Go Sweden! Every great dream begins with a dreamer. A little hockey dreamer. Just like these future stars. Enjoy the pictures!

10 thoughts on “Hockey Stars!

  1. This championship is in my country. Just a while ago the Slovak players beat USA 4:1 :-D. Keep an eye on Slovak boys in the audience, there are plenty of them. You will be able to see, how beautiful the Slovak boys are :-).

    • Congrats on your well deserved victory, Juri! The Czech Republic beat us tonight in their opening game 5-2. Well deserved indeed! Brilliant game. ARGHH! lol Sorry! I will keep an eye on the Slovak boys in the audience. You can count on it!

    • Rasmus,

      Oi maamme, Suomi, synnyinmaa, soi, sana kultainen! Ei laaksoa, ei kukkulaa, ei vettä, rantaa rakkaampaa kuin kotimaa tää pohjoinen, maa kallis isien

      Help me out here lol

      • lol
        It’s the National Anthem of Finland.
        In English:

        Our land, our land, our fatherland, Sound loud, O name of worth! No mount that meets the heaven’s band.

        No hidden vale, no wave-washed strand. Is loved, as is our native North.
        Our own forefathers’ earth.

        (And so on)

        We should have won in the quarter finals, but they were the better team : )))

  2. The championship in Slovakia is over and although Slovak players didn´t win, I congratulate to team Finland.
    Hope that those of you who watched noticed the boys in audience. Especially those wearing Slovak national shirts. We really have the most beautiful boys in the world.

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