HRH Christian of Denmark

Ah, His Royal Highness, Prince Christian of Denmark. No doubt the platonic love of many girls in Europe (and perhaps also on the other side of the Atlantic, where I am from). This handsome boy is currently 13 years old and is the third in the line of succession of the Throne of Denmark. As a child he did not call me attention, but as he grew up and around 8 years of age he became more and more handsome. If someone is a fan of handsome royalty, he will not let me lie. He now published his photos on the site because he seems more handsome than ever, although it is a pity because he is very close to adolescence.

4 thoughts on “HRH Christian of Denmark

  1. He’s a good looking boy. I don’t think I’ve seen royal photos I’ve enjoyed as much as the Danish princes, since William of England was an early teen.

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