5 thoughts on “Model Damon in Red Thong

  1. Oh my, he’s cute. With the recent talk of repetitive model boy posts, this is one I especially like precisely because he looks like the boy next door, but is nicely posed and dressed in a way that model boys would be.

  2. Looking at this and reading Matteo’s recent post, I wonder if this is one where he heavily edited out shots he found unnatural. I 100% agree with his right to do so, but this is a good example of a photoshoot of a cute boy where some of the poses might be not typical of boys, but which I do not find offensive, just attractive.

    • Yes, this is probably one of the posts that prompted his post. There were more photos than the six found in this post. I still stand by Matteo’s discretion on this and I am happy he posted some of it. I am a little surprised some of these made it through where others in my original submission did not. It will be interesting to see how this new submission policy (once formalized) will change this site, possibly for the better?

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