7 thoughts on “Nice vintage pics of boys #2

  1. This is a great post! It got me to go back and look at your earlier posts. I especially like PaulAthro_Dominik, his photos here and in your earlier posts.

    Where have you been for a year? And where was I to not have commented on your posts before? Excellent material. Don’t go away for so long again, Antoniz21. (:-)

  2. For us older farts; for whom these boys bring back a younger day, a time of less paranoia and shame, maybe even innocence and hope, I thank you Anton. For me there is one who brings serious heartache and joy; ah dear Richie though 40 years have passed I still love you with all my being. I find myself asking myself if I was ever really that young and free, and looking at these lovely lads and their smiles and pride at being models; the past hurts less and passed joys burn warmer. Thank you Mateo for keeping BOB going and Antoniz21 for posting these past fantasies and joys.

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