9 thoughts on “PP Boy Collection 13-?

  1. Some of these boys are more like men in apperance a real boy is around
    thirteen yrs old, men should not maskerade as boys just to show off for
    example boys do not have black hairy legs and great big bulges like melons
    please put them on playboy where they belong.

    • You should perhaps set up your own site. Then you are able to post everything YOU like lol
      The problem with the PP collection is, that there’s everything in it. And others may like pictures you don’t prefer. Matteo has already posted my Leftovers set from the PP collection. Perhaps a good idea to read my comment on one of the sets too. Then you know know the reason that I have stopped posting the collections. If you really want to know the reason, perhaps it is a good idea to look for earlier post with my comment. In short: do your homework before you say something.

    • This comment is obviously ignorant, but I don’t have to explain why. Others have already done that well. There remains the open question, however, “are these boys or men?” Perhaps I can help.

      Like some of you, but probably not most, boys are not my only attraction. I love girls of any age, boys of certain ages and body types, and even some women. (They younger, better looking ones.) One thing I’ve never been attracted to – not once – is a man.

      With that insight, I can say definitively – these are boys. Hot ones.

      Glad I could be of assistance.

  2. One of the great things about a site like this is that there are a variety of posts appealing to different tastes. If this one isn’t your thing — no problem! There are plenty of others around. De gustibius non disputandum est.

    For my part, I happen to enjoy pictures of mid-to-upper teen boys, and there are some nice ones in this post. It’s a close call as to which is my favorite — probably http://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/1-148.jpg, although -http://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/1-157.jpg and -http://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/1-138.jpg could certainly give him some competition 🙂

    Thanks, Powderpuff, for (IMO at least) a very nice post!

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