Some thoughts about posting

So I thought about sharing my view when reviewing and publishing pending posts.

This is what the pending queue looks like, after one day since the last (huge) wave of publishing:

Over 50 pending posts.

What stands out are series like Newstar and ModelTeenz. There hasn’t been a single day where I didn’t encounter those artificial boys in an artificial studio posing in artificial positions. This has been going on since the beginning.

Pay attention how the titles are numbered. How many more to come?

Wondering if the community enjoys those photos, I did a quick search of “sonny” and looked at the comments. Turns out:

It is always one and the same guy commenting in more or less the same style of text. Jesus! All this effort for – just this?

Most of my work consists of scrolling through all those annoying studio images, deleting the obvious offending ones and have it ready for publishing. And they get one comment from one and the same guy. This is a massive waste of work time and server space. As far as I see, nobody seems to enjoy those studio sets anyway.

We’ve seen your Sonnys, Codys, Hunters, Robbies, Spencers and Logans for the past three years. They seem indestructible and it gets really boring now. I’m sure there are many duplicates – or is it just the sheer amount of the same boys that make me feel like I’ve already seen it?

What is your opinion? Should I suspend posting such sets for some weeks or months to make space for more authentic and original images of boys in natural and everyday situations?

The sheer amount of images of more or less similar style have raised my annoyance meter and that’s why I began deleting the most obvious unnatural poses.


Why are you holding your hand like this? Can’t remember where in the real world I’ve seen a boy doing that.

Boy, your butt is not supposed to be spread like this. It just isn’t very boyish and more likely serves boylusterers than boylovers.

To me, he seems more like an adult nude; a woman stuck in the body of a boy. Poor kid.

Yea I know, the rules state that non-pornographic images are allowed. The body parts in question are covered with clothes. Still – it looks so unnatural. I realised that I judge an image more on the naturalness of the situation than on the amount of uncovered body parts.
Image showing a naked boy from behind at a lake at a relatively sane distance? Passed.
Image showing a boy in a gym dress posing like an adult nude? Deleted.
Image showing a penis? I ditch the whole post and delete all images belonging to it.

That explains why I let some images like the following pass:

Ever seen a boy like that? I did. Completely natural holiday environment and activity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking or advocating for images of naked boys. Keep it at a sane amount per post.

So – is it ok for you if I just publish the rest of the pending studio sets and then suspend posting such sets for a while? This would free up a lot of time for me. And a lot of disc space as well for all the other photos.

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    • What are you guys going on about..Talking of unatural postings etc.. I for
      one find posts of hundreds of photo shopped professional models with makeup un natural.
      Most of the models from mentioned sites are older and perhaps offensive to
      pedophiles who like pre teen baby to 10yo models!
      The Zip file suggestion would solve the problem.

    • PLEASE leave those studio sets out. “New Stars” ? Maybe 25 years ago they were but I’m sure we’ve all seen these sets dotted around the web, The pictures are totally contrived and don’t show boys behaving naturally which I’m guessing most of us prefer.

    • PLEASE leave those studio sets out. “New Stars” ? Maybe 25 years ago they were but I’m sure we’ve all seen these sets dotted around the web, The pictures are totally contrived and don’t show boys behaving naturally which I’m guessing most of us prefer.

  1. I agree with suspending the posts of these models or at least the ones that we’ve all seen before. There is literally no point in them being uploaded because for anyone looking to download them the collections will take a very long time to save with all of the photos that are in them and you are way better off finding a ZIP file containing the set instead. The least minimum they could do is upload just the best pictures of the sets and maybe link to where u can find a ZIP if you would allow that? I personally think i would rather that or preferably just not let them be posted anymore since you have a very good point about them looking unnatural and irregular / not from everyday circumstances

    • Zip files – good point. So then we’d have complete sets in the best quality, posted once, downloaded forever – with no need to repost anything.

      What about those sites where the photos came from in the first place – are they all offline? I mean a dedicated site collecting and offering just sets would be nice, and it would have to be a separate site with different rules where all photos of a set can be posted without me censoring anything.

      I’ll let that sink in and think about it. What I don’t want is hosting child porn. Ideally somebody else will come up with the motivation and knowledge to host and maintain such a site. I can provide some guidance for the technical aspects.

      • I agree that the whole set system doesn’t really fit in the blog-post concept. Once you say ‘sets’ it sort of implies being complete and ordered. For the hoarders, or like an ‘archive’.
        I actually have been thinking about a site like that before. A Tor site of course but it will require lots of bandwidth, as you want the sets in the original resolution.
        One other important thing is that these kind of model-shoots that have no other reason than to sexually arouse people, even not nude, the photos of kids in unnatural positions are regarded as child-pornography in many countries.
        Anyway, i am willing to think along about this.

      • Well there is BoyVids / BV4 which has a big model section on it that I have greatly expanded my collection of the Keanu stuff with and I just found CM’s too. Their posts are badly organised and they upload them as RAR and 7zip files often in multiple parts which at first i found quite confusing. I got the link from Garlooks but i would be cautious since a lot of the content is CP and some of the posts are pretty messed up

        • That’s the reason I have not suggested BV4 nor given the link to it. One is taking risks, I don’t care that it is on onion and uses TOR, one is taking risks visiting and using the site. Technically it may be safe, but there are always the human weaknesses as regards security. There are a lot of people on that site with which you probably don’t want to have any interaction, should they eventually have some legal trouble which links to you, or if they turn out to be embedded LEA . I don’t think that if you were *only* looking for (btw copyrighted) SFO models will suffice as an alibi. Remember, Al Capone was only convicted of “tax evasion.” A word to the wise….

          • I honestly don’t know how to respond to the rest of that but aren’t the Newstar sets etc of the models copyrighted too? Either way i lack basic common sense and didn’t think about that but I know better than to talk to the people on there or upload anything myself to a place as bad as that…

  2. I also have no problem with them not being posted anymore.
    It all became too much for me and I noticed that my interest in Bob started to decrease. Don’t get me wrong, I respect all the members and their involvement!
    But in my view, other varied posts were/are often not noticed enough by the large amounts of studio images that we all have seen so often.
    And the amount of work it takes for Matteo to put all those posts in Bob ….. pffffffff. That is almost impossible.
    So I fully understand Matteo.
    An average of 10 posts a day would be more than enough for me, it will remain that way attractive and fun to go to BoB.
    That is my opinion …… everyone can think differently of course …. lol …. BoB has freedom of speech!
    Thank you Matteo for the protection of the uniqueness of BoB<3, it is all about quality and of course not quantity…….:))

    • Thank you, my words exactly. And I respect all members and tastes equally too! Its so great to have you all here. That’s why I wanted to ask you all first before I decide anything – my impression might be wrong.

  3. All I ask is that I can get my last 2 DreamTeam posts out, lol, that’s all I have left, and I’ve worked pretty hard getting them all posted, to fairly well received praise from at least some regular members here.

    I’ve stated my view on these “model boys” before, so I won’t do so again here. If you would rather they not be posted, then I will stop posting them as well.I have a few more from the Scotty set I was posting, that I would like to at least finish out (I’m a competitionist, forgive me, it’s gonna drive my crazy otherwise) but he is done “posing” at this point, and is just playing around on the beach, and it’s actually very cute and natural, lol, if you’ll allow me.

    I personally try to post a mix of things, usually having 1 or 2 studio, at least 1 Vintage or older series, and then one mixed “theme” that just features a variety of boys (I’ll likely still feature a model boy here, if they happen to match the theme, but only 1 or 2 pics, not the whole set). And then usually only ever upload one part at a time, and wait till it gets posted before uploading the next, so it doesn’t flood your inbox.

    Regarding the boy behinds, I know my recent vintage post has a lot more then I realized, and I’ve already had to cull a lot myself, that show just a little too much. Usually I just upload things in the order they are in the folder, but if it’s too much, I can try to space them out instead, when I run into a large clump back to back. And maybe even just not uploading the ones where the boy is just standing still, not really doing anything. I’ve definitely been riding on the “vintage” and “natural” trains on those ones to not get me in trouble, lol.

  4. I agree with suspending posts of Sonny, it is too much and I am not interested in it. However, I am okay with Hunter, because he is one of my favourites :-).
    What would be good to refresh this site?
    I remember a Pic Of The Week on the old BoB. Could you consider it?
    Thank you for your effort, Matteo, and I wish you all the best.

    • well , you don’t like sonny , I don’t like hunter 🙂 ,, that’s just a ” personal ” opinion , both are still models , which is the point of this post ..

    • Yea I remember Pic Of The Week too. Theme weeks have also been mentioned as an idea. So this would mean we’d all have to agree on a main topic which means I’d have to search for a poll plugin.

      The downside is that such a decision binds me to a more or less fixed timeline. The way I’ve been handling posting and reviewing so far is logging in and publishing when I have free time, and keep the site as it is when I’m busy. This is pretty flexible.
      However for example creating a poll every sunday and reviewing it on monday to set a theme means I’d have to stick to that sunday – every week.

      I need to think about it first. But thanks for the suggestion.

      • We all appreciate everything you do, and we recognize that it is a lot. I like the idea of themes, but I do not want to add responsibility or lock you into certain times that you have to be online.

        What if the first full week of every month (or any week) be a theme week, while the rest of the time it’s whatever – excluding studio like I think we all agree on. We could use a chat to propose and vote on what the theme for the next month would be. Any thoughts on that?

        Anyway, thank you Matteo and everyone else who contributes pictures and I am happy to be part of this boy loving group!

  5. I can’t believe you are advocating such a thing and I can’t believe my opinion seems to be so far in the minority. I love that kind of stuff but I can understand why you don’t. But still, to have the site only showing over processed artsy pics or candids where your looking in a crown thinking “there must be a boy in there somewhere” So sad.

    • I think I understand your point-of-view and I partially agree with your desire to not restrict what is shared here to just the sweetest most generic stuff. I appreciate the beauty of the boys in the candid shots and artsy shots but am most drawn to what I find attractive – shirtless shots of boys I find physically attractive. That includes many of the model boys shared here.

      Most of us understand that what is shared here is not “socially acceptable” to most people in the world and are wary to judge what others share and enjoy. To that degree any kind of censorship of photos is distasteful.

      I don’t even know if you’re that much in the minority. It’s just that we have to balance our interests with the reality of what it takes Matteo to manage this, and his vision of what he wants this place to be. This site is a wonderful gift he has given us and his needs and intent should be respected. I’m guessing that’s what most of us who have responded so far are considering.

    • I understand your point of view. It was just my impression that there are many studio pictures and the all look very similar. That’s the reason for reaching out to the community and see who likes what and get a feeling of what is wanted and what not.

      We shared some ideas like creating zip files or even setting up a dedicated site for all the people who love a specific style – in your case, studio sets.

  6. I understand your reasons for deleting “unnatural” poses but if it’s that much effort for you to screen posts and weed them out, then I might suggest not doing so. Anything from the common model sites – those that weren’t shut down for illegal material – like Newstar, Modelteenz, Novelart, Sportsfotos, etc, I would think would not put this site at risk of being flamed or shut down, even if some may find the poses unnatural. Some may find them offensive, but I don’t as long as the model is voluntarily participating in the photoshoot. If you decide to let them be posted, I don’t know if they need to be individually weeded out. If you feel that’s necessary with any particular post, delete the whole post.

    Having said that, I have no problem with you suspending posts of the most common model sites like Newstar. I’ve seen them all and NEVER look at the posts. Same with Comingatyer, Made2Model, and Model Promotions. The problem is, I’ve seen most Novelart. but not all, and unless they’ve posted here before, almost all the Sportfotos and Modelteenz are new to me. What is old and tired to me may not be to someone else.

    I wonder if you just ask people to consider what they post and to limit the never ending posts of the same sets – not necessarily the ongoing thematic series that are usually pretty awesome – if that would be enough to curtail this. If not, you could make a decision on a series by series basis – when you see floods come in that are not being appreciated like what you’ve mentioned, message the poster, thank them for their contribution and explain that you won’t be sharing them. You could maintain a list of “suspended” series somewhere on the site so different posters won’t keep trying to share the same thing

    Just please don’t restrict Sportsfotos unless they’e been posted already. Those are the most gorgeous model boys out there, and I see stuff posted here I’ve never seen all the time. 🙂

    • Yea I’m really not a fan of censorship too. That’s why I came up with the idea to have a different site with different rules where such sets can be collected, sorted and downloaded – complete and in the best quality. Like an archive.

      I first thought of BoB as an archive too, but when I need to step in and taking away parts of a set – then this doesn’t classify as an archive. BoB is more like a cafeteria where we share photos, cultivate companionship and exchange thoughts.

  7. Another option might be too limit the number of posts any member can have pending at one time. I think the old site on the WWW worked that way, This would keep what you (Matteo) manageable and perhaps thwart any part-time members who like to “load up” all at once. If members have to be engaged with the site and take time to make their posts when they visit instead of all at once, maybe they’ll screen their posts themselves and consider more what’s important to them to share

    • I was just getting ready to suggest the same exact thing since I’m pretty sure that would make it far more manageable if it is possible to do so!

      • Well on the old BoB there was a limitation of 10 pictures per post as far as I remember. I don’t know yet if it is possible to limit pending posts per member. Needs to be researched.

  8. Pleeeeeease ban those posts, all the sets and anything that could be considered overly nude or sexual, it’s what will take this site down and clearly no one likes them! I have been considering leaving because of those posts! Please ban them, and if possible, get rid of those posts, they ruin the simple idea of “boys in EVERYDAY Situations”.

    • Oh and here we have the exact opposite of Enders opinion.

      Don’t worry Demon.boy, we are running on Tor, nobody is going to take the site down. (They tried it so many times; it is now even impossible to find a hoster willing to host the status page which only points to BoB – it immediately gets taken down.)

  9. I am guilty of doing just this. I have 4-6 pending posts right now. I want to blame it in that I’m following everyone else’s types of posts, but it also easier to post those model sets. Honestly I don’t know how some of you find all those candid photos, I don’t seem to be able to find those types of photos. That is one of main reasons why I like this site.

    I support limiting the model posts, not completely banning them. I still find them fun to look at. I do think picking a few photos out of a set is better than posting them all. Many times there’s 4-5 photos of the same pose.

    Would taking volunteers to help with editing posts help?

    • Don’t feel guilty, everything is fine. Maybe I ranted a bit too harsh in my post, sorry about that.

      And banning would feel too strict and final, that’s why I suggested a break, for just some weeks or months.
      Posts that have been published stay, of course.

  10. I hate to be a fence-sitter on this subject, but i can see both sides of the argument on this one. While i would normally would be all for just getting rid of some of those posts altogether as i normally just skip most of them like many others, however it may also be the case that there are several visitors to these posts that either prefer to remain anonymous or just don’t leave a comment. I often dont leave comments on some of the posts i actually look into, so it is probable that this is the same case for many others.
    What could possibly work is do similar to what Exposure does by having a preview of say 10 photos, and a zip file to download the rest, allowing the people who are interested in these sets to get them themselves, and (hopefully) clean up the server side of things and not overload the rest of us.

  11. Although I also consider that it is difficult to make differences in certain cases: there are photos or complete sessions of professional child models emulating natural situations that you can see in real life. So, I think it’s good to stop posting photos of models where it’s obvious that the boys are not in natural situations. So I’m also going to leave a message for the usual visitors for the site: there are many photos of both boys in real situations and professional child models simulating them. And I think both can be beautiful.

  12. To hell all boys in everyday or piquant situations, dressed or nude, showing or hiding penis, fucked or who think what still not. They are do not know about me and will not play sake my attention. Perfect site would satisfy everyday requirement in communication full amplitude opinions what is – streamlined or suspended, public or personal porno, sage or silly, social or criminal. Please publish mistakes more. Silence is not good for perfect site.

  13. I’m somewhat ambivalent on the idea.

    On the one hand – comments aren’t necessarily the best indicator of a post’s quality, popularity, etc. People don’t comment on every post they view – my very (VERY) rough estimate of my own commenting is somewhat less than 20%. Not that I don’t appreciate the other posts, but sometimes I’m in a rush to get out the door, and sometimes it seems (to me, at least) like whatever I might have said in a comment has already been said, either by someone else or by me on an earlier post. Even that doesn’t take into account the people who view the site but haven’t yet signed up, and thus can’t comment — a position I was in myself for almost a year before finally de-lurking 🙂

    On the other hand, we really do get a very large volume of posts, and it’s getting difficult to keep up with all of them — even as a (semi) passive viewer; I’m not sure I even want to imagine the amount of work it takes to keep up with actually approving the posts and managing the site! (Many, many thanks again to Matteo — your efforts are genuinely appreciated!) Lately I’ve noticed myself skipping a lot of posts as soon as I see that it’s Yet Another (Newstar|Modelteenz|TBM|etc) set, unless it’s one of their models who I haven’t seen before (and yes, those do exist).

    “On the gripping hand”, the amount of work that Matteo describes is just not sustainable. If, as seems likely, limiting or suspending posts from Newstar, etc is going to help reduce the workload and make it more likely that we can continue having a great site for a longer time, then suspend away!

    • Yes exactly, it is hard to judge on just the amount of comments, and that’s why I asked.

      So I think when we suspend just the studio sets for some weeks and resume posting afterwards is a way to introduce some variation, without making people who love the studio sets too angry. I mean the posting of studio sets can continue after that little break.

      • I’m kind of the same way, I only ever really comment on the stuff that really sticks out to me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the posts that I don’t always comment on. With the studio sets, often times I’ve already seen them, so it’s not something really new to me, and if I were to comment on them, my comments would all end up being very much the same thing, and would start to feel a little disingenuous in time. I’ve also had people specifically request certain sets, but once I post them, that person never comments on them. Which just goes to show, that even though there are people out there who enjoy them, and even request them at times, they still don’t comment.

  14. . My main point for posting these posts was to fill out the gaps of this great site that i thought it satisfies everyone’s taste ” obviously not ” ,
    as i noticed ” after searching ” that these sets I am posting were never posted here ” only a few pics out of few sets and one or two full sets out of 100+ sets ” as i explained in my posts description ” usually every first set get posted with a description that explains why i am posting it ” and no one seemed to object .

    . after this post I can see that the people still have different thoughts about this , and I totally agree with Gingerguy , comments doesn’t really indicates if these posts are desirable or not , most of the posts on this site has between 2 – 5 comments and sometimes ” rarely ” it goes up to 10 or even 20 comments , but are those 20 the only viewers of the site ? I am sure that there are 10000s of viewers and 100s of members of this site with a lot of different tastes and opinions and a lot of them are lazy ” human nature and shit ” or prefer to remain anonymous ” like me , as i literally been watching this site for years with no membership or comments at all , and just very shortly decided to start posting ” , there is also few other factors that plays a role in the post having interactions like the position of the post ” being posted in the main page for example ” or the timing ,,,etc .

    . anyway the posts shown above will be my last posts on this site ” feel free to post or remove them ” and I will go back to be anonymous ” unless a solution is found ” .

    Bye bye …


    • Try not to take this all personally, if you are. BTW, I appreciate that you search prior posts to see you are not duplicating old posts. More members should try that, in my opinion.

    • I appreciate your input and contributions aboylover, please don’t be offended – I’m sorry if you are.

      The time has come to ask the community what they think about the sets, exactly to get more impressions than just some comment count.
      The studio sets can and will continue, either here after the break or in a separate site.

      You are always welcome here aboylover.

      • Positioning is something that I have also noticed. If a there are 3 pages of new posts made at one time, I will often notice that the posts on the front page will usually have between 3-6 comments on average, but then the new posts on the 3rd page will usually have 0-2 comments on average, and this includes all kinds of posts, not just studio posts. Even the “variety” posts seem to have less traffic.

      • I am not offended at all ” actually it’s very hard to offend me 🙂 ” , and didn’t take it personally either , I just wanted to show my point of view , as it seemed to be misunderstood in the post and the comments on it .
        thank you for your answers and clarification Matteo and bl_a .

        Long live The BOB ..


  15. Perhaps what would help would be a limit on the number of pics per post so authors are forced to cherry pick instead of dumping up a hundred nearly identical shots. It seemed to be that way at first, but has since become a dumping ground of complete collections. I love Sonny (and others), but do I need to see him in a different color of shorts every day? maybe not.

    Unrelated idea while we’re talking about stuff… Would it be possible to get message notifications when people reply to your posts or one’s you’ve replied to? I think that would up the conversation a bit as once you look at a post and comment, you’re on to the next and unlikely to revisit and see new comments later.

    • Yes, Puer, I agree. You probably are aware that while I have posted many Modelteenz sets, I have always done as samples. In small posts – like 4 posts, each of 12-20 pics, covering a Modelteenz Studio set of 1500 to 3000 pics available.

      I’d also appreciate getting some kind of notification as you mention. It’s a feature of FB that can sometimes be annoying, but can be configured and useful. Perhaps a dashboard notification feature would be better than emails?

      • Notifications would be amazing! Either, as you said, reply to comments you’ve made, or I would enjoy getting notifications on my posts. I always enjoy seeing what people have to say on the posts I make.

      • No emails, that would be annoying, besides being dangerous for the email sending host on tor. What I had in mind was notice to the private message area. When one has messages unread, there’s a red bar at the top of the page telling you so you don’t have to keep checking.

  16. I cringe every time I see anything “Newstar,” so if you’re taking votes so to speak, skip those. Some of the ModelTeenz stuff is amazing, other of it is awful. It tends to depend on the lighting. When there’s been stuff in the studio, it’s exactly as you say, the same boys in the same poses. I definitely appreciate the Sportfotos posts, but I’ve gotten so bored with the “dream team” that I skip over them at this point. I definitely still appreciate the site and get that different people like different things, but it does seem like the signal to noise ratio for myself has skewed strongly in the wrong direction. It’s possible that’s even more so since Tumblr shut down in December.

    For my part, I’ve always actually felt like the forums are better places for getting pictures on here. Not that they’re designed for that, just that I’ve had better luck finding things that interest me. I wonder if there’s a solution of having people just post samplers for the huge sets, and then they can link to somewhere offsite for a .zip collection if they really want all 45,000 sets of a model.

    • Everyone has their individual taste. The real problem seems that too many posts end up over-doing “too much of a good thing,” Too many complete sets of too many models from a particular studio, for example. Or too many posts of XSRY’s complete Travel boy posts from . Sampling and a bit of restraint in sharing one’s favorite material would go a long way in solving most of Matteo’s issue.

      The issue that can’t be *completely* resolved is satisfying Matteo’s taste for boy’s in “natural” or “everyday situations.” That’s because members don’t always agree on what that is. He could address the issue by choosing to only post what he likes, culling it from member libraries. That would soon lead to a loss of members and viewers, as not everyone likes what Matteo likes.

      My recommendation is post in smaller posts, and don’t over do one subject in a short period of time. I think a view of my posting history of 259 post over the past 2 years bears out what I am suggesting.

      • I know, my taste influences what gets published and what not. And I myself am not happy with it too.

        But for your information, the photos that match my taste are really in the minority. I like long haired boys. But I still post everything else as well. If I’d just post what I like, then we’d have 2-3 posts per day. 😀

    • I will admit that I wish I had spread the DreamTeam sets out a bit, and waited a bit longer after finishing one set, before starting the next (maybe a month or two) to let the last set sink in, and then the new set feel more like a breath of fresh air after not seeing them for a while. Instead of just posting them one after the other, as soon as I was done with one set. But at this point, I just have 2 more posts (after the one currently pending) of DreamTeam, then I will have posted all I have, so I’m just going to go ahead and finish that series out. But I will be more mindful of “overload” in future posts.

  17. Unfortunately, in a blog like this you cannot please everyone. Matteo, he does it for free. He’s got the power. Do like Trump, just say “VETO”. ; )

    • Actually, NO. Don’t do like Trump, who has the whole world confused as to what he will do, what he is up to, other than apparent self-aggrandisement. (I am not implying that same motivation of Matteo.) Matteo wrote he was frustrated in culling thru, in vetoing. And I support ideas to reduce his frustration. When he gets frustrated, he sometimes cuts out additional pics, which by his own admission, maybe didn’t need to be cut. This only confuses members. I am in favor of somehow reducing the frustration Matteo feels. Simply continuing to veto isn’t an answer, IMHO.

        • Same here, Rasmus. Taking a break lets one calm down and see what’s really important. And in this post, it seems we are all headed in a good direction, thanks to Matteo’s “intervention” if that is the right word. At least everyone’s honest opinions and ideas will help me in deciding what and how to share the beauty of boys on The Beauty of Boys. (:-)

  18. It’s your site and you can do what you want to do. I personally enjoy a lot of the ModelTeenz photos and the Sports-fotos set are among my very favorites and I will be unhappy if they are not here. I like having complete sets. I know it is a lot of work for you to have to review complete sets. If I’m not interested in a post I can just skip past it and go on to the next thing. I am sure that I bypass a lot of posts that are very popular with others here. It seems to me that that is just one of the pitfalls of a blog that relies on user contributions. I am sure that my opinion does not matter much to you, but it’s your site, and your choice, and I can just go somewhere else to find what I’m looking for.

    • Yes, I like complete sets (of anything) too. I love archives. And that’s the reason why we’d have to have a separate site dedicated to collect the full sets without me taking some photos out.

        • I’m not its founder, I was just annoyed that the original Beauty of Boys got shut down. “Well then, if I want to continue watching beauties every now and then, I’ll have to do it by myself.” I told myself back then.

          International witch-hunters are desperately trying to shut BoB down. And they have failed so far. That’s another motivation to keep it up – being that nagging, annoying pain in the ass to the authorities.

          But the main motivation is this:
          To have some friends and allies to connect with. Likeminded people. To ease the pain and loneliness. That’s also the reason why there is a section “emotional support/suicide” under resources. Pictures of beauties is just a nice side effect of this site; but the main reason is providing a place for boylovers to gather, share and exchange thoughts and feelings.
          Because life as a boylover can be really, really hard at times. Society sees us as bastards, but its them who act like one and their ignorance that makes our lives a living hell.
          I have my dark times too. Thanks to this community, I have the energy to keep going.

          I care for boys and for those who care for boys.

  19. I vote to get rid of them in the blog section. They can be shared via off-site downloads in the forum quite often, anyway, and can be found in other places quite easily.

    What has always made BoB special to me was the uniqueness of posts shared. You don’t get that with backdrops, artificial light, and the same outfits worn by five different boys. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a lot of the studio boys, but they don’t leave a whole lot to talk about, other than whether they’re hot or not.

  20. I know I do like some studio sets. I’m a massive fan of Spencer and Scotty. But at the same time, I do like a lot of the themed posts. I like seeing a lot of the every day boys, or some actors, athletes, singers, dancers, etc. When it is like 3/4 studio sets, it kind of all blends and stuff gets buried. I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a break.

  21. Is the person that decides a penis is offensive was not born a naturist
    like the rest of us ? and is angry they were covered up unlike the rest
    of us with everything showing, ha ha

  22. As a user that wants to see the ‘beauty of boys’, I agree 100% with this decision. I usually skip those studio pictures because most of them were made with dubious intentions, I don’t want to see ‘sexy’ here I just want to see childhood, freedom, cuteness and admire the artistic part of it. Thanks.

  23. I agree basically with the decision. Too many studio formats that aren’t boys in real life. The PP Collection seems to be an exception; with most (if not all) pics appearing to be real boys in real life.

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