Sportfotos – DreamTeam Studio Wrestling Final

And with this, we come to the end of the DreamTeam Studio Wrestling Set. I have one more DreamTeam set (you know the one Rasmus XD) which I will post in full come August. That will be the last Model/Studio set I post in full here. I won’t stop posting these Models all together, I will just no longer be posting complete sets. During the break, I will be thinking of how I will proceed with these kinds of posts in the future. I will be doing this for several reasons, first, having 10+ posts all of the same set, causes a lot of clutter, and a lot of extra work for Matteo to sort through, and moderate. Second, having constant posts back to back of the same Model, can tend to cause fatigue, where people can get tired of seeing the same boy over and over again, so posting them more sparingly, I hope will reduce this feeling for some. And third, I’ve come to notice that most people tend to prefer more variety in posts, so either mixing it up so there are several different model boys in the same post, or at the least, one boy in different outfits/situations, so a single post doesn’t feel quite so repetitive. With that, I hope you have all enjoyed this series, as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you! And as always, I look forward to reading your comments!

5 thoughts on “Sportfotos – DreamTeam Studio Wrestling Final

  1. Dear Maravel,

    I forgot to thank you for everything you did for BoB, and that’s a lot!!
    People like you are important and you contributed MUCH and that has a great meaning.

    As for myself, I also take a big step backwards concerning posting. I am also very busy with other things as well and that needs my attention.

    I am also a member of an institute here in Amsterdam (yes I am Dutch lol), that helps youngsters with their sexuality. Think about coming out and youngsters who are total rejected by their parents and other major problems as well. Also we trying to help Pedophiles who struggling with their lives. The same goes for gay / bi / lesbian and transsexuals.
    I already had a very interesting conversation with dear Matteo about the matter. Perhaps I will write about my experiences here on BoB. I have not decided yet. I will then also write about personal experiences I had during the years. And believe me, when I write that essay it will be a very critical and sometimes very very sad one. So it is not something you do in a couple of hours. I guess you will understand that. But if the time comes I will let everybody know what is coming.

    For now I leave you, again with many thanks!
    Cheers, Johan

  2. What a truly marvelous ending to this great set. I will miss seeing full sets of the Dream Team and the other Sports-foto boys, but you have to do what you have to do. Thanks for the great sets that you have given us.

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