14 thoughts on “Boys and Cats part 4

    • Well, I never knew that!
      I’ve had this photo in my collection for quite a while, but I didn’t realize that it was from a video.
      Do you have any more information, such as the location or the name of the tune that the boy is playing?
      Thanks for sharing.

    • Tools do exist that can do that, but it would take a few days and a huge amount of network bandwidth (both on your end and on the server end, whcih can end up being pretty expensive). If you really wanted to do something like that, I’d suggest you talk to Matteo about it first.

  1. Starting from when I was very young I used another boy’s like or dislike of cats as a judge of character, If he said something like “I hate cats” I right away knew he wasn’t anyone to be friends with.

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