25 thoughts on “Lifesaver Kyle at the Beach Part 3-15

  1. The face, the wonderfully trained body, the total package. Kyle is incredibly gorgeous. Makes me sad though…he will never be mine. S**t there’s drool all over my laptop screen. lol

    Thank you very much, Powderpuff, for sharing more of this mega hottie!!

  2. Dear fellow users,

    I’ve received a message from Matteo, that my postings are too big (too many parts) and could be stated as Studio Posts. I guess he likes other kind of posts.

    I took the liberty to do some late spring cleaning and decided to delete ALL my posts. So everything is gone. Please give Matteo time to clean up those empty spaces. So no more Kyle, Mark, Kay etc etc. Also all the PP Collections are gone. Everything means everything lol

    I had some plans to extend the posts of Sportphoto-online, because they are highly appreciated, but you will understand that this will not happen.

    And look at it at the bright sight, there are enough other users who may post sets more to Matteo’s liking. So the posting will of course continue. However, I have decided NOT to post anything at BoB’s, ever! So I leave you as a only “watching” user and not one who will post lol.

    Cheers and thanks for all those positive comments on my post,


        • My veto against this is not directed against PP. I enjoyed his posts very much. Matteo has a different opinion of posting sets and I guess we have to respect that, but I don’t like this at all!

          • I see your point. I just think it was not a good move for PP to snuff out all his posts. I mean, they were there and liked by some or many, altho not usually by me. (I just skipped over them, as I do with others’ posts that don’t appeal to me.) But I appreciate that others liked them so I am sorry to see them gone for that reason.

            I *presume* that Matteo asked PP to exercise some restraint along the lines of previous discussion about numbers of posts and sizes of posts and posting complete model sets. I am guessing that didn’t sit well with PP and that *in my view* he may have taken offense.

            I don’t know what he hoped to accomplish by deleting material many liked and told him so. To create uproar and discord on an otherwise friendly BL site? Or just reacting childishly? I don’t know, I really don’t, but I am sure I am going to hear about it.

      • I am sorry about your “loverboy” Rasmus I really am. But can’t finish those sets. Well read the next messages I wrote.

        Cheers and a Hug from Kyle.

    • Disappointing in so many ways… I’ve very much enjoyed every one of the PP collections posts, and I was definitely looking forward to more Mark and Kai.

      Oh, well. Not to be, I suppose 🙁

    • Dear Powderpuff,
      You deleted photos of published posts, which is a biiig no-go.

      A bit of background info for the others: When I logged in last time, I saw my pending queue exploding with “Sets” (now outdoors), at least 4-5 sets, each containing up to 15 posts; totalling 70 pending posts! And all the sets are coming from Powderpuff.
      This isn’t fair to all the others, it wasn’t the intention that this aggressive set-posting continues.

      What I stated to you Powderpuff was that you can keep the pending posts, but I’ll priorize posts from other members first and publish your sets one by one.

      Well, you mistaken my suggestion, exploded in an emotional turmoil and deleted photos of your published sets. Rule #7 clearly states:

      Don’t delete already published pictures, ever. We’re building an archive here and it’s content will be available forever. Think before you publish.


      To prevent further sabotage, I have set your account to subscriber. We may talk in August to restore your posting rights, but for now, use that time to think about your behaviour.

      • Well Matteo, you can call it what you want, but I will not post anymore. Leave it as it is. I have no problems with it lol.
        There are more important things in life.
        So let’s end this discussion and go on as usual. The world will still spinning an the sun will rise everyday lol

        • Seriously guys, go take a shot of whiskey, tequila, vodka, or whatever, leave your dicks at the door, and have a normal conversation. Fuck guys, this always happens online, people take a comment, suggestion, or opinion as some kind of attack on their manhood and male superiority. Sometimes a comment is just a comment, not an attack. It’s not personal, it’s the rules and they were broken.

          It’s what it is, months ago Matteo did not want tons and tons of these model sets as he is the only moderator and spends a lot of time moderating this website. At some point seeing the same posts for weeks at a time can get repetitive and boring. PP put up a whole lot of sets which went against the new rules. Period. You can either take offense to breaking the rules or learn from it.

          In PP’s defense, maybe a warning should have been given when the rules changed so he didn’t waste a bunch of his time posting these sets. PP has most likely spent a very long time organizing and sorting his photos and posts. Maybe Matteo didn’t say please and thank you, but I don’t know that since I can’t see their communication.

          I personally think that PP should stick around and after August, he is free to post what he wants to post. There’s really no point to “have nothing to do with BoB anymore” other than to feel that your ego has been hurt and you’re the bigger man by leaving instead of rationally thinking for more than an hour, take a breath (and that shot), and reacting appropriately.

          Matteo doesn’t have all the answers, but this is his site and makes the rules. How about leaving emotions out of it and just talking like two people that like the same thing (boys) and figuring out a solution? I truly believe that both of you will be better for it and so will the site. But this is my opinion, take it for what it is. If I have offended anyone, I apologize.

          • Well you didn’t offended me at all lol
            I will leave BoB, because I can’t post what I really want. Matteo has a different opinion about posting than I have. Okay.. no problem, but then I will not be able to share the files to the users I like to want too. Well BoB’s is Matteo, so I am not discussing anymore. I already asked Matteo to delete my account. And that’s that. Well it is not the end of the world lol
            I can now concentrate more on my own porn site (18+)
            I am not a pedophile, but thought I can help you guys with some sets. Well I did, you know.
            Okay well let’s leave at this. I wish everybody the best!

  3. Hello guys,

    There is indeed a different opinion about posting sets. I can’t finish all those SFO postings. I had already a view brand new sets in pending mode. Matteo was rude in his message to me (I am not a child!!) and that was the reason I decided to delete everything.

    I did a new proposal to him, but at the moment he doesn’t know yet that everything is gone. If he finds out, his blood pressure will rise.

    I proposed to post only SFO sets and nothing else. Also just one set at a time and not what last happened 3 sets at once. I also proposed that after a set has finished he can wait for a while to begin with a new SFO post. He may decide when to post the next one. Also the amount of the pictures can be chanced so that the amount of parts can be reduced.

    If it’s on me I will be satisfied to post ONLY FSO sets. So no more other kind of postings. That is not a problem. There are other users who post different kind of sets. I will only be specialized in SFO. And that can be done as I said earlier.

    Also when you look around you will find several studio sets and he approved them. Also the sets of Boys Dance (which I really like) has already very many parts (too many in his opinion, but he still approves those sets). So in my opinion he is in contradiction with him self. Okay when we talking about sets from Modelteenz, I will agree with him. Those sets are too big. But that is different with the SFO sets, and I wrote to him that those sets are being highly appreciated. Those SFO sets are “winners” for BoB.

    I really hope that he will approve my proposal and if he does, I will start from scratch posting ONLY SFO sets and nothing more. So no PP collections for example.

    Cheers, Powderpuff or PP (good name Bla_a lol)

  4. Bl_a,

    It has nothing to do of being childish of any kind. I like Matteo very much and we have much discussions about everything, but that is of course a private matter. The point is, that I will not be spoken to like a little child who did something wrong. A normal discussion will do. We can always have different opinions, that is not the problem. I took your advice to reduce the amount of pictures in a post. So I am always open for suggestions. Your where and are right in that case!!
    But I found him in contradiction with himself. You can see that what he approves to post. No studio or alike sets means NO. But look what happened. I am glad that some sets are coming through because they are sometimes very worth while.
    And if finds out that I have too much in pending mode, I don’t see the problem. He decides when the sets are approved for the users. I have no problems at all if he waits for a week or so. Everyone should have an equal chance to post his set(s).

    Cheers, PP

  5. Agree or disagree ?? I respect Matteo’s opinion. He has his reasons, he puts time, energy and probably money in this website.
    He can’t make everyone happy, life is hard.
    It also makes no sense to discuss this here, because we only read one side of the story.
    A few weeks ago, Matteo clearly showed how he likes to see this website and that is his good right, it is his child.
    Deleting all pics I personally found a pity, unnecessary and a bit childish.
    That is how I feel about it.
    Live long and prosper…..everybody:))

  6. I very sad to hear of this situation because these full sets of Powderpuff’s are the main reason I’m here. I realize may opinion means nothing, but I feel the need to share it anyway.

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