Mark and Kai Garden Shorts Part 1-12

Mark and Kai start the Shoot day at the new location with playing Frisbee and checking out the pool. Mark is so full of energy so that he carries shy Kai along with all the fun. Exhausted after playing around they get some time relaxing at the pool but Kai takes a chances to give some revenge. Just for fun. And there is loads of it in this awesome photo set. Be a part of that terrific summer day with those juniors and enjoy a day of happy life.

This time we have another complete set of newbies. I hope that they are to your liking. You enjoy the boys while I go for the dog lol

11 thoughts on “Mark and Kai Garden Shorts Part 1-12

    • The blond guy is Mark and has also a solo set. It will be posted in the future. Kai is the dark headed one and has two solo sets. Those will also be posted later. All sets will be posted completely! So lot’s of surprises ahead lol

  1. Oh Powderpuff these boys are so cute together and it looks like they enjoy each others company. Mark is so trim and cute. I bet he is a cuddler. Kai is developing perfect. Beautiful.

    The pool looks extremely familiar. Have we seen it in another set before?

    Your such a tease. Wish you would post everything before I die of dehydration from loss of drool.

  2. Dear fellow users,

    I’ve received a message from Matteo, that my postings are too big (too many parts) and could be stated as Studio Posts. I guess he likes other kind of posts.

    I took the liberty to do some late spring cleaning and decided to delete ALL my posts. So everything is gone. Please give Matteo time to clean up those empty spaces. So no more Kyle, Mark, Kay etc etc. Also all the PP Collections are gone. Everything means everything lol

    I had some plans to extend the posts of Sportphoto-online, because they are highly appreciated, but you will understand that this will not happen.

    And look at it at the bright sight, there are enough other users who may post sets more to Matteo’s liking. So the posting will of course continue. However, I have decided NOT to post anything at BoB’s, ever! So I leave you as a only “watching” user and not one who will post lol.

    Cheers and thanks for all those positive comments on my post,


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