9 thoughts on “Mark and Kai Garden Shorts Part 3-12

    • Mark is the blond guy in the blue shorts. The other, taller one (yellow shorts) is Kai. Both made also solo sets. The will be posted also. So have fun!

  1. Dear fellow users,

    I’ve received a message from Matteo, that my postings are too big (too many parts) and could be stated as Studio Posts. I guess he likes other kind of posts.

    I took the liberty to do some late spring cleaning and decided to delete ALL my posts. So everything is gone. Please give Matteo time to clean up those empty spaces. So no more Kyle, Mark, Kay etc etc. Also all the PP Collections are gone. Everything means everything lol

    I had some plans to extend the posts of Sportphoto-online, because they are highly appreciated, but you will understand that this will not happen.

    And look at it at the bright sight, there are enough other users who may post sets more to Matteo’s liking. So the posting will of course continue. However, I have decided NOT to post anything at BoB’s, ever! So I leave you as a only “watching” user and not one who will post lol.

    Cheers and thanks for all those positive comments on my post,


    • I wonder what the definition of “Studio post” is. I thought it would be shots taken in a studio, which is not the case here. So what? Are only candid shots allowed?
      No more Sinal, Oriano or Sportphoto-online?
      If it’s Matteo’s decison, I respect it though I think it would be a pity.
      If you misinterpreted, Powderpuff, the definition of what a Studio post is (what I hope), I wish you’ll reconsider your decision and contribute again to the diversity of this site.
      :-C Ydaer

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