Ulrich at the Beach Part 1-15

Although naturally shy, the young South African was keen to work outdoors, helping me capture his cheerfulness in a sun-drenched series on the beach. Playing football, in jammers and in speedos, his enthusiasm grew as the shoot went on, his infectious smile and his youthful energy imbuing the photos with a teenager’s joy. The energy of this handsome 14 year old athlete has inspired yet another exhilarating portrait series.

This time another newbie: Ulrich. There are two series made from him. This is the first one. I hope you like this first complete portrait of him.

8 thoughts on “Ulrich at the Beach Part 1-15

  1. Oh Ulrich. Don’t be bashful or shy, you need to let your light shine. Right now, your light is an obviously hot body. Even if you disagree, surely you know the drill. You’re modeling for Sportsfotos, They specialize in hot boys shirtless. Eventually you’re taking off that shirt, might as well make it now.

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