Xander shows that all boys are unique

This boy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it shows you that “cute” comes in many flavors.

I am pretty sure the photos span Xander from age 9 to his late teens or adulthood.  Normally, I believe puberty changes many boys so much that you can’t tell who they are.  Xander seems to have aged very well and very nicely grew into his body.

I didn’t mean to post such a long set of photos, but there was so many to choose from.  If you like these, there’s plenty more I can post in the future.

3 thoughts on “Xander shows that all boys are unique

  1. I do understand what you mean, ….what is beauty???…real beauty is of course in the heart.
    I think he is a very friendly sweet boy.
    Thanks for this “other type” of post:))

  2. I love Xander! And not just in the ways you describe – I think he’s genuinely cute with his skinny-thin frame, those tiny freckles and the shape of his nose and lips. Even older I think he’s hot in a geeky way. Of course, the things you say are true, too. I love kids who are themselves and don’t try to be like everyone else. I hope Xander is happy, ’cause he’s awesome!

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