7 thoughts on “Devoirs de vacances – Negropont

  1. Thanks for sharing those great pics with us, I always love to see boys from the “old times”…..of course i love also boys from the present time…..lol…
    But we must indeed keep those times alive with those vintage pics!

  2. NEGREPONT, un photographe français comme moi, difficile d’avoir des infos sur lui, ses photos sont magnifiques…

    ” NEGREPONT is a French photographer of boys ( and girls) that published several books devoted to Childhood during the 1980s. Even though little, if anything, is known about him, his work reveals that he was the most talented of all. His work was non exclusively self-published and includes Les enfants de papier (1980, republished 1984), Mercredi aprés-midi (1983) and Devoirs de vacances (1986).
    Negrepont’s best photographs are perhaps those taken in the streets, featuring interesting high tension frames or poetic arrangements of subjects reminiscent of Josef Koudelka. His Will McBride type indoor nudes are a close runner-up, but his outdoor nudes are often clichéd or tacky. His predominantly black and white work is complemented by some interesting highly saturated color prints.”

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