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  1. Hi guys
    I’m new here, I follow the site a long time
    I’m trying to post some photos but my post appears as “pending” What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you

  2. Sorry guys I have to post this here because I can’t find any other way to contact the site. I’ve tried uploading 2 more sets of pice but they have been stuck awaiting approval for a while now so clearly something is wrong but I don’t know what because I have no contact saying it’s wrong. So it looks like I won’t be posting any more, which is a shame because I think it’s a bit selfish of me to just come and look without contributing. My pics are in no way illegal so I just don’t know what is the problem. If anyone has ideas please reply to this message. Thank you and good luck to everyone.

    • There’s probably nothing wrong at all. It’s just that it takes a little time for posts to be published. Lately we’ve been seeing about two batches a week.

    • Matteo approves all posts and it can be anywhere from a few days to a week before your post is approved. It seems that he has a lot going on so he is not here every day. I’ll noticed messages to him also take a few days for a reply. Be patient and take time to look for the next set of material you’ll post for us. 🙂

      • I hope I wasn’t sounding impatient and I do know it can taks some time, But one set of pictures has been pending for 2 weeks now and at least 3 updates have happened since. It’s weird because I can preview the post as if they were a normal post so I was wondering if there was something wrong with what I actually did when I uploaded. I would have sent a personal message to site owner but couldn’t find any way to do it. Thanks to anyone for taking the trouble to reply, it’s appreciated.

        • From the Home page, click on Member then Messages. From there you can write to Matteo directly. He probably won’t see this thread, so you’ll have to start your question from the beginning. And garlooks is correct, it takes a while before Matteo sees his PM’s too. Keep in mind Matteo commented a while ago he had a massive load of posts pending for review.

          • Can I ask what the posts were about? Are the a variety of boys, a specific theme? or are they perhaps a model boy? (TBM, NewStar, CaY etc.) because if it’s the latter, then that may be the reason it hasn’t been published yet, as Matteo has put a hold on all such “studio” sets for a while, as he was getting overwhelmed with several posts a day. So he wanted to try to spread them out a bit more, so this site didn’t just become studio/model sets. But had more candid type pictures.

          • Maravel Hutch– Can’t seem to reply to your specific post but to answer your question they are a variety of boys. Not studio photos or sets of one single boy.

  3. There are lots of wonderful little freckles on the faces here, which is great because I love freckles. Those tiny little ones across a boys nose and cheeks are some of the best! Thanks for the great post!

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