Odds and Ends

I suppose some people here might wonder why this old fart posts photos that aren’t all that alluring.  My intent is to convey a sense of how it feels to be an ANCIENT boylover.  At this point in life it is much more about the whole boy, not just his physical features, although I will admit that I don’t totally ignore that aspect.  But it’s connecting that feels great too, and over the course of a lifetime it will happen, infrequently perhaps, and when it does…. WOW!

Several years ago I was taking a road trip on my motorcycle through Thailand’s back roads, something age prevents me from doing now.  I got lost so decided to take a break at a small restaurant and consult a map over a cold Coca-Cola.  The owner’s little boy, about 7 yo, was at first shy, but as soon as I pulled out the map he was all over me.  He crawled into my lap, uninvited but quite welcome, and began to look things over.

“Pai nai?”(where are you going?) he asked, in Thai.

“Phom ow pai tanon yai.” (I want to get back to the big highway.)

Using his pointer finger he traced an imaginary route on the map.  “Oh, then you just go up the road to the house that has the three big pigs.  Not the one with the little pigs.  It’s the big ones.”

“OK, then what should I do?”

“Just keep going, until you come to the school.  Then you turn left.  Then you go to the big market.  The big highway is right there.”

Just like that I had a new friend.  I let him stay in my lap (duh) and he asked me all sorts of questions about the map.  His mother took the photo.  I obliterated my face for safety.  The message here is:  if you want to connect with a boy then let him do most of the talking.  And be sure to listen well.

Most, but not all of the following photos are mine; others were gleaned from the net.

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