18 thoughts on “R.I.P Vladik

  1. R.I.P. Vladik. Why do some of the best die young?

    This is from a song by Laleh:

    I will tell your story if you die
    I will tell your story and keep you alive
    The best you can
    I will tell them to the children
    If we have some, if we have some
    That I’ve always felt the feeling we would die young
    Some die young, some die young

    Some, some die young
    But you better hold on
    So many things I need to say to you
    Please don’t, don’t let me go
    And we said we would die together

    Some, some die young…

  2. I’ve been obsessed with him for a long time. I even have some adult work he did, but shortly after that time period is when he crashed his car. I was so sad. 😭

  3. beautiful child, beautiful as you were you are very cute, you are going to the best of your beauty, you are a beautiful angel. We will keep you alive by showing the world your beauty, your sun and your wonderful smile.

  4. Vladik didn’t live a long life, but the years he lived he lived to the fullest. He was always outside having fun enjoying the beautifull Crimean shore. Hardly any pics of him even standing still. Thanks for posting, Vlad will forever be in our hearts.

  5. I guess because he died young these shots reminded me of Ryan White and Elton John’s song “Candle in the Wind.”
    When I was high school, almost 60 years ago, my close friends had a bet going I would not live to see 21. Now, of that group of 10, Nicky and I are the only ones left.
    He and I made it through the jungles of South east Asia and he was a policeman for 32 years. I ran with a gang and went to prison as a sex offender, then went to school and became a mental health counselor and worked with prisoners for 22 years.
    Looking these photos of a active, happy youngster stirs the mind and soul which connects all of us. Days in the sun, days in storms, happy, sad, hopeful, depressed. All a part of that thing called LIFE. All any of us can ask for is to RIP. Thank you Vladik for sharing your life with us—May you know nothing but joy in the afterlife.

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