Photographer in Focus: Justine Shachar, Part 1 of ???

There’s not much out there about Justine Shachar.  She is self-taught and mostly takes photos of her three boys.  She lives in Australia and she really seems to like close-up shots where the freckles and eyes stand out.  She does some really nice shots in color and black & white.  You might notice the youngest of the boys suffers from a affliction where a few of his vertebrae are fused in the neck.  I’m glad she chooses to show all her boys in the light and doesn’t hide them from the world.

I hope you enjoy these. If you do, there are plenty more to post, over 250 photos.  The same beautiful brothers.

11 thoughts on “Photographer in Focus: Justine Shachar, Part 1 of ???

    • Thank you! Maybe I’ll post the other photos too. For being someone who isn’t a professional, she takes really nice photos . I think she’s won awards for her photography too.

  1. Beautiful boys and I love Justine’s photography. I have shared many of her photo works here. on Bob. She’s an excellent photographer and a great mother of three wonderful and amazing sons. Thanks for sharing this treasure with us!

    • I saw your post, I appreciate you finding her way before I did. I’ve seen her boys here and there over the last few years, but never put them all together as one family. She’s lucky to have them all.

    • Hey StrGzr! Thanks for the links to your posts. The purpose of my “Photographer in Focus” is to learn more about the photographers and to showcase their work. I always search the site before posting, but when I searched for her name, only a post by Rasmus came up. Maybe when you post future sets, it would be good to put the photographer name somewhere in the post, otherwise no one is going to find it. You understand there’s thousands of posts on this site? I can’t manually look through them all. The name JS doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know who the photographer is and I wouldn’t have thought to search for the letters JS.

      Also, “I posted them all here” is not true. I have her Flickr collection downloaded very recently. There are over 500 photos in her collection, with 250 of them being the boys. Yes, there are duplicates in what I posted so far, and there will be more in the future posts, but there are also photos that don’t appear in your posts. Like the ones of the youngest boy with the fused neck.

      Lastly, the download link in your second post is no longer valid. So you would have to do the same thing I did and find a way to download them. I also spend a few hours researching the photographer to find out as much information I can before posting the photos. Trust me when I say, I am not posting these without a lot of thought going into it. To many, this site is just a place to stare at pretty boys and get their rocks off. To me, it’s more than that, it’s a place to showcase the beauty of not only the boys, but those who know how to put their beauty into photos.

      I am really not trying to overshadow your contributions. There are a lot of re-posts of the same boys and I understand the frustration of when that happens. If I had seen your posts, I still would have posted these because I feel this site is maturing and needs more content. Plus the boys are very handsome and why shouldn’t the world see them?

  2. A truly magnificent collection, thank you so much for sharing both parts.
    Cant remember the last time i seen a kid with freckles, such a beautiful feature in my opinion.

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