Photographer in Focus: Ole Rasmussen

Ole is from Aabenraa, Denmark.  While most of his work tends to be portraits of girls and boys, but I’ve seen photos of country landscapes and closeups of flowers, roller coasters, and tunnels, among other things.

I believe these photos are a boy named Toke.  I don’t know how old he is, but I would assume a very healthy 12-14.  Some of his features make him look older than he might actually be.  But then again, he’s pretty smooth if he was a teenager.

The photos could be considered “racy” but I hope all the photos make it through moderation.  They are art and available if you search online.  I understand though if some are a little too close for comfort.  I am a huge fan of black and white photos, as you already know.  They tell a story that color photos don’t seem too and the use of light in these photos is key to their story telling.

10 thoughts on “Photographer in Focus: Ole Rasmussen

  1. Don’t wish to be rude but these “arty farty” photos just leave me unimpressed. I prefer looking at a boy’s natural beauty than seeing it spoiled by dumb photographic tricks. As for the pics with the boy in the gas mask—-WHY ?

    • I have no idea about the gas mask, but it was so different from the rest, I couldn’t leave it out. LOL!

      As for the “arty farty” stuff, I get it. But at least we know there are plenty of real world boy photos around here as well these types of posts. Maybe my next photographer will feature “real life” boys just for you. 👌

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