The dangers of email

I see some users using their email address as their username. Occasionally, I stumble upon comments or posts in the forum asking for trades, using email. I delete such posts as it puts you in danger.

Why does exchanging messages or material via email put you in danger?

Emails can be associated with your Internet address (IP). This leads the authorities directly to your computer and your home. That’s why we use Tor here; a network protocol that obfuscates your Internet address and traffic so it can not be traced back.
You can use an anonymous email provider like Tutanota or Protonmail, but please use Tor when accessing them. Ideally, both communication partners have their accounts at the same provider, so that emails don’t leave the server when they get sent to another account.

A email has to go through potentially untrustworthy intermediate computers (email servers, ISPs) before reaching its destination, and there is no way to verify if it was accessed by an unauthorized entity.

Here are some facts:

Assume that emails travel unencrypted through the Internet.

The National Security Agency is collecting all the Internet traffic worldwide. A secret program called “PRISM” – revealed 2013 by Edward Snowden.

“Oh, but I’m using gmail and so does my communication partner. The email won’t leave the server of Google” you might say.

Well, I have bad news for you:

All your Gmails, Facebook messages, Discord chats and whatnot is getting collected directly at the server – by abusing the laws for reasons of “national security”.

Dedicated agents at the FBI will analyze the collected data in their analysis centres.

Just don’t publish your email address here, for your own safety.

You know how fast The Beauty of Boys got taken down when I tried hosting it regularly on the Internet. No matter in which country, it didn’t survive longer than a few days.
They are after us. They don’t want us.

But up to this point, The Beauty of Boys has survived almost 3 years. Long time users are still here and posting, they couldn’t be tracked down.
Go figure what that tells you about the security of this site and about Tor.

Enjoy your stay and be safe!

10 thoughts on “The dangers of email

    • One other thing: if you really must use email, and you choose to use one of the relatively secure email services like Protonmail or Tutanota, you might also be wise to create a separate account on those services that’s not related to anything else you do, and then access it only over Tor. Protonmail has a .onion site, https://protonirockerxow.onion/ . It looks like Tutanota doesn’t have one, but they do support (and recommend) using the Tor browser with their site.

  1. Exactly. I don’t respond to requests to email people. I can chat with people over PMs on this site, and this site only. Don’t ask for my email address or anything; I won’t give it to you because then I can be identified. Whistleblowers like Snowden have risked their lives to tell us all the truth; they can’t be lying. And if you think Gmail is secure, remember that it’s owned by mother Google, since when did they care about privacy?

  2. OMG, thankyou Matteo. I’m really grateful to you. Checkflage , thank you also for your help.
    I’m trying to get used to things and I will always follow your advise. Thank to all of you brothers and sisters for keeping us all safe.

  3. Wise words and I would also say….always use a VPN.!!!!
    I use the TOR server of my VPN ( via Switzerland….a country with a great privacy )and then the TOR browser and if I mail I use tutanota.

    But my advice….use also a VPN with TOR! Safety first.

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