Chris Madaio Set 1, Bambini de Gaeta

I am back, with work by Chris Madio.  It’s been about 7 weeks since my last post on BoB.  After 264 posts on BoB, I needed a break and I took it.  Here goes in 12 short posts, most under 18 photos, sorted to suit my own amusement.  There will be sets from Pennsylvania Swimming Holes and also from Gaeta, Italy in the 70’s.

Lausie Laus posted Chris Madaio’s work last month, and told me he posted all he had.  It is my intent to have no duplicates in the following 203 photos, although you will recognize some of the boys.  It is also my intent to spread the material out over time in small does so it can be better appreciated.  I hope you will.

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