A Celebration For The Rebirth Of The Sun.

The Pagan celebration of Winter Solstice (also known as Yule) is one of the oldest winter celebrations in the world. It falls on the shortest day of the year (21st December) and was celebrated in Britain and many other places long before the arrival of Christianity. The Winter Solstice marks an important event; “The Rebirth Of The Sun” when the hours of darkness begin to decrease and the hours of daylight start to increase. Sol Invictus.

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The Summer House

A 2014 film written and directed by Curtis Burz, featuring boy actor Jasper Fuld as Johannes Degenharot.

Markus, an architect, lives a secret, bisexual double life as his wife Christine and their eleven-year-old daughter Elisabeth drown in unendurable loneliness. Markus realizes that he has a strong yearning for one of his daughter’s school friends, 12 year old Johannes.

German with English subtitles. Free to watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/N-MISYEGLbY

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