Photographer in Focus: Ole Rasmussen

Ole is from Aabenraa, Denmark.  While most of his work tends to be portraits of girls and boys, but I’ve seen photos of country landscapes and closeups of flowers, roller coasters, and tunnels, among other things.

I believe these photos are a boy named Toke.  I don’t know how old he is, but I would assume a very healthy 12-14.  Some of his features make him look older than he might actually be.  But then again, he’s pretty smooth if he was a teenager.

The photos could be considered “racy” but I hope all the photos make it through moderation.  They are art and available if you search online.  I understand though if some are a little too close for comfort.  I am a huge fan of black and white photos, as you already know.  They tell a story that color photos don’t seem too and the use of light in these photos is key to their story telling.

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Damon model with cut-off jeans

My original posts for this set were set to be released the week of the ban on model sets.  There would have been 3 or 4 parts splitting up the photos.

I didn’t want to flood this site with all the Damon photos again, so I decided to just pick a few from the overall set.  Since they were uploaded before the ban, why should I leave them on the server without anyone able to see them.  Enjoy!

P.S. If you no happen to notice the file names, you’ll see a pattern.  If you are a little bit techie, you can easily manually view the photos I did not choose to post in here.

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Photographer in Focus: Justine Shachar, Final Part

These are the last of the photos I have.  Maybe one day we’ll see more photos from her.

You find her work in a few places, but most of what I found was here:

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Photographer in Focus: Justine Shachar, Part 3

Back on track with Justine’s lovely photographs.  This section of her artwork features a lot of faces, a little more of her youngest son, a chicken, and a ladybug.  Can you spot the ladybug?

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Photographer in Focus: Raquel Lopez-Chicheri

To take a small break from Justine’s photos for a moment, I am posting another female photographer that loves taking photos of her family.  Most of these will be her sons (forgive me if a daughter made it in the post) and a few other photos with random boys.  I hope you enjoy Raquel’s work.  From what little I could gather (her website is down) she is from Spain and seems to love black and white as an art form.

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Photographer in Focus: Justine Shachar, Part 1 of ???

There’s not much out there about Justine Shachar.  She is self-taught and mostly takes photos of her three boys.  She lives in Australia and she really seems to like close-up shots where the freckles and eyes stand out.  She does some really nice shots in color and black & white.  You might notice the youngest of the boys suffers from a affliction where a few of his vertebrae are fused in the neck.  I’m glad she chooses to show all her boys in the light and doesn’t hide them from the world.

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Photographer in Focus: Paola de Grenet

Paola de Grenet was born in Milan in 1971.  It looks like she went to school in the UK and stayed there for work until 2003 when she moved to Barcelona.  As far as I can tell she still lives and works there.  Her photography ranges from families, to portraits, to culture pieces.  Her work seems to be widely accepted and has been in magazines and newspapers around the globe.

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Photographer in Focus: Lukas Roels

This is a new series of posts called “Photographer in Focus:”  Each post will feature a different photographer.

I came across a few different sets of photographers who mainly focus on the human body.  I’ll post only what I believe to be the male form.  It is hard to know exactly if the person is male or female, especially when they are young, but I will do my best to only post those that are boys.

I hope you enjoy!


Lukas Roels was born in 1957 in Ghent, Belgium.  While is rarely does projects for other people, he has released at least one book; “Angels of Time”.  As you might expect, in some countries his book is very controversial and his work is frowned upon.  Even though he feels his work is similar to a statue, others disagree.  His question to you is, “Do you feel the same unease when you look at a nude statue?”

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Boys that identify as girls, is gender more than body parts?

Just think about it for a minute.  If your body is built one way, but your brain tells you to feel a different way, what are you?  Should you be classified based off body parts or how you emotionally feel?  Should there be strict classifications in first place?  It’s an eternal war that goes on inside not only society, but individually among people who have identity confusion, sometimes their entire life.  Some do something about it and some hide it away in that box we all have that no one else ever sees.

My personal thoughts are that gender and sexuality is very, very fluid and the way society “labels” these things is completely archaic and medieval.  The human race everywhere needs to realize you can’t classify people into just two classifications, heck, not even six or seven groups is enough.  There’s a wide range of personalities and how people are built.  There should be acceptance of every type of person, though I fear this won’t happen for another hundred years, maybe never.

I may come out with more photos at a later time if people here seem to like these.

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