The boy. A photographic essay from 1964. #4

This is an old photo book just showing boys at play and at school back in the 1960’s. It is a beautiful compilation of very innocent photos, but truly captures visually and in spirit what it is sort of like to be a boy – If you are a male of that era, memories will just come cascading back.

The book proved to be very successful. It received many good reviews in the gay press and was reprinted at least twice (1966, 1967). Moreover, the editors issued a follow-up collection titled Boys Will Be Boys (1966). Both books are currently out of print.

Nevertheless, whereas the book was well received back in the 1960s, the change in the attitudes toward depictions of naked boys coupled with the prevailing hysteria over child sexual abuse, led some people to believe that the book is pornographic.That is of course not the case.


Enjoy part 4, there will come a part 5 and that will be the final part.

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