The dangers of email

I see some users using their email address as their username. Occasionally, I stumble upon comments or posts in the forum asking for trades, using email. I delete such posts as it puts you in danger.

Why does exchanging messages or material via email put you in danger?

Emails can be associated with your Internet address (IP). This leads the authorities directly to your computer and your home. That’s why we use Tor here; a network protocol that obfuscates your Internet address and traffic so it can not be traced back.
You can use an anonymous email provider like Tutanota or Protonmail, but please use Tor when accessing them. Ideally, both communication partners have their accounts at the same provider, so that emails don’t leave the server when they get sent to another account.

A email has to go through potentially untrustworthy intermediate computers (email servers, ISPs) before reaching its destination, and there is no way to verify if it was accessed by an unauthorized entity.

Here are some facts:

Assume that emails travel unencrypted through the Internet.

The National Security Agency is collecting all the Internet traffic worldwide. A secret program called “PRISM” – revealed 2013 by Edward Snowden.

“Oh, but I’m using gmail and so does my communication partner. The email won’t leave the server of Google” you might say.

Well, I have bad news for you:

All your Gmails, Facebook messages, Discord chats and whatnot is getting collected directly at the server – by abusing the laws for reasons of “national security”.

Dedicated agents at the FBI will analyze the collected data in their analysis centres.

Just don’t publish your email address here, for your own safety.

You know how fast The Beauty of Boys got taken down when I tried hosting it regularly on the Internet. No matter in which country, it didn’t survive longer than a few days.
They are after us. They don’t want us.

But up to this point, The Beauty of Boys has survived almost 3 years. Long time users are still here and posting, they couldn’t be tracked down.
Go figure what that tells you about the security of this site and about Tor.

Enjoy your stay and be safe!

To all studio set lovers: This weekend is for you.

After some discussion, the overall vibe came to the conclusion to pause posting studio sets for some time. I will publish the remaining studio sets in the pending queue, but then let’s make space for other types of photos. The posting of studio sets is resumed in August.
Are you happy with that timeframe?

So, my dear studio set lovers. This weekend belongs to you.

I love you and let’s enjoy the last remaining studio sets in full length. I haven’t deleted anything this time.

This is what BoB looks like when I just publish what is pending.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

My dear community,

we did it! BoB is running almost for two years now and it’s still alive! Given the time until such a site gets taken down when attempting to host it on the regular Internet, I’m proud that we’ve made it so far. (You know, somebody once announced a clone of BoB in the forums, and only a few days later, the domain already got parked.) Tor and its security and anonymity mechanisms really do work.
But BoB wouldn’t be BoB without all of you, so thank you so much for filling it with life, love and boys! The numbers speak for themself:

I’m leaving you with this special christmas present: The Tabuzone.


This is the most soothing and comprehensive PDF guide about child love ever created and my humble gratitude goes to its anonymous author. It’s written in german, but I hope you’ll find your way with the translation engines out there. Remember: Always use the Tor-Browser.

Blessings, and merry christmas!

Use the Tor Browser! beautyboysj2sgq3.onion is the only valid and original URL

One of our members approached me and told me that he has to fill out a survey and he can not access the site until that survey is answered. Puzzled and worried I quickly checked the integrity of the webserver’s files. However, they are ok.

Then a suspicion crossed my mind. There are these proxies on the Internet which allow you to access a hidden service like beautyboysj2sgq3.onion without the Tor Browser. And as it turns out, is altering the content of the site and inserts malicious scripts and surveys. It looks like this:

Pay attention to the URL. It must look like in the screenshot below:

See? beautyboysj2sgq3.onion

Don’t use these proxies, it puts your anonymity at risk!

Download and use the Tor Browser: and access The Beauty of Boys directly via the Tor Browser.

Use the Tor Browser.
Use the Tor Browser.
Use the Tor Browser.

Everything else is insecure.

Dark Times for Gentle People

Boy Lovers… people who love underage boys in the purest and most innocent manner, exist at a tumultous and confusing time.

We feel a burden from being misunderstood for decades, and our wish is to shine light on our true nature so we may live peacefully and be accepted within the world.

The truth about Boy Lovers is that we are a people of loyalty toward boys under the age of legal adulthood. The Boy Lovers who have written this publication care about the well-being of all little boys, preteens, and teens, and some of us would have little consideration for our own well-being and safety if one was in jeopardy. The popular notion that Boy Lovers are dangerous rapists is nothing but paranoia to instill unwarranted fear. However, this fear shall fade, just as it has toward homosexuality, and our truly calm, intelligent, and caring nature will be known.

There was a time when women, young girls, and yes even men were accused of witchcraft and had their liberties, and often their lives, taken from them, and with no more proof than an accusation or assumption from someone with an ax to grind. Modern Boy Lovers are facing a similar predicament, and we often suffer the same fate … and all because there are people who misunderstand and distrust us for our different manners, unusual beliefs, and our uncommon desire to worship the most beautiful creations who exist around us.

It takes no more than a single insinuation that someone has sexual interests in an underage boy for their life to be ripped apart by their neighbors, the media, law enforcement agencies, and public opinion … even before the person accused of some crime has an opportunity to prove their innocence. When did it become acceptable for people to destroy a person’s reputation, decency, and even any possibility for a normal future as a productive member of society … simply because a Boy Lover can see the allure, charm, and enchanting elegance in a little boy’s face or innocent smile?

Many thousands of people around the world have had their lives and their futures destroyed because someone else accused them of having inappropriate desires for a much younger human being … a person who the accused found not to be corrupted by greed, pride, or jealousy. And yet a vast majority of people who are decent law-abiding citizens of various countries live in fear of being discovered for having gentle and affectionate thoughts for someone who would not only crave the attention, but be at no more risk than any other adult the Boy Lover may know. Real love between a young boy and a Boy Lover is not a form of carnal lust; it is the same kind of love that can be felt by all people who have found the right person no matter their age.

It is beyond comprehension to imagine a gentle and decent Boy Lover as any more a threat to a boy under the age of eighteen than her father, or mother, or grandparent, or priest, or minister, or even a cherished teacher. Taking notice of a boy, his appearance, or the beauty in his personality is not indicative of lust or perversion. Most may not understand how we could see “beauty” in younger boys, but it’s unfair to harshly judge those who notice something beautiful in a child. By merely noticing younger boys we do no harm to them.

We are your neighbors, your friends, your relatives … people who don’t wish to remain close-minded nor intend physical harm on any segment of society nor would ever reciprocate if it was levied. We don’t even promote nor participate in acts of violence against those who wish to maim and kill us, but there are many who express vile and perverse ways to exact revenge on people who’ve never committed a single act of cruelty to anyone else. How bizarre that so called “monsters” choose to remain civil, decent, and prefer restraint over flamboyance when our detractors spew hateful rhetoric and incite horrible acts of violence against Boy Lovers.

And yet our society has in its grasp the potential to turn this perverse situation around and discuss the facts rather than the falsehoods. It’s almost as if people are afraid to know the truth, because their own lives might come under the same level of inspection, and their dark secrets might be dragged into the light.

The Beauty of Boys exists in spite of the lies and distortions being levied against a select set of individuals who adore boys under the legal age of adulthood. It is by sheer determination and guile this publication and web site continue to survive, in spite of many hundreds of attempts to silence both. What seems peculiar, and difficult to understand, is why narrow-minded and fearful people are dead-set against a differing opinion and innocent appreciation for someone when no laws have, are, or would be broken. It is paramount that we continue the fight to prove that we have no more intentions of abuse for any underage little boy or young man than the most decent and chaste human being on the planet.

Most people understand that love can take on more than a single form. The type and style of our love for underage boys isn’t meant to instill fear, hatred, or even suspicion. We adore them for their purity, innocence, playfulness, and willingness to express their affection without preconceived notions of monetary reward or material success. We’re also not afraid to play little boy’s games, help a preteen understand an important aspect of his life or the world around him, or enjoy a teen’s “different” style of music, because we Boy Lovers are still able to imagine what it’s like to think in such special and uncomplicated ways.

There are some vigilante groups and many people who promote violence against Boy Lovers, paint them as child molesters, and so called “monsters” who prey on children. As persuasive as these groups can be we ask that you take what they say with a grain of salt. Hear our side of the story, and you may learn a great deal that other sources won’t tell you.

We are not the monsters you have been misled to believe … we love little boys, preteens, teens, and young man under the age of eighteen … but have no desire to harm any.

Peruse our work, examine it closely, open your mind, and be as critical as you possibly can be about the messages being touted and the information being shared, for it is our greatest ambition to prove to those around us that we Boy Lovers are not evil, nor cruel, nor mindless monsters who wish to cause pain and suffering. We’re decent, law-abiding, and considerate members of society who can see beyond the veil of age discrimination into a world filled with innocent exploration, a desire for sharing, and an intense need for love without injury.

Enjoy our efforts and try to look beyond the stereotypes others have presumed and insisted upon. We offer our creation in the hope that our message can be shared and our existence accepted by all.


Originally from Alicelovers Magazine, Issue 2. It applies to us equally – I copied the text and replaced Girls with Boys.

Site errors – fixed!

Hi there

When I returned from my holidays, I was welcomed with broken BoB forums and messages. The issue was a corrupt table in the database. Since some tables are intertwined, I had to restore the whole database up to the point where the corruption took place. Since the database has grown quite large, the restore took several hours to complete.

This means we lost some posts, some new registered users and some comments. But we have our forums and messages back and working.

I’m sorry that this happened. It seems that after over a year, running a database on an encrypted harddrive has now caused some issues.

Thank you all for your patience and especially thank you Puer Amicus for standing in during my absence.

I am back, BoB is back – we are returning to normal operations.

“Underten” and “Tiny little bill”, your comments are not welcome here

There is nothing wrong with mentioning a beautiful body, a cute face or a gorgeous boy. But what you, Underten and Tiny little bill wrote, clearly steps over the line. We had the site shut down back in those early days because of “sexualizing comments”, you know.

If you wanna write how much you’d love to hold nice sweet little hairless cocks and swallow loads of cum, go somewhere else. This is a site for boylovers, not boylusterers.

All of Underten and Tiny little bill’s comments are now trashed and their accounts deleted.