More of Ben Bell (Mountain Men on History Chnl)

Here are a few youtube links. Ben being initiated, learning to light a fire, keeping warm at night (I’d help) and breaking in a colt (though gets hurt in the process.) I suggest you use     to save the videos. He is so adorable. A definite diamond in the rough. He a bit older now, and sadly puberty wasn’t kind to him. What a shame.

Hey all

I was hoping someone could help. There were two posts at the old BoB that hopefully someone snatched up before it was bombed. The first was a music video by two dutch boys, one white, very cute and blonde. Who were they? And the second was of a very cute kid in a store wearing a red shirt, I think it was the Chicago blackbirds or something like that. I don’t follow sports. Could someone help? Please post here or send to my email,