English Boylove Ebook

While searching for books on Boylove and Childlove in general, I came across this book. I am so glad I downloaded it before the site got hunted down by witch hunters! There was probably more that I did not archive. So for everyone out there, as soon as you see something good, archive the page, and download everything! Freedom of speech is gone on the clearnet. All sites like these should use Tor! If you are familiar with Matteo’s favorite Ebook Tabuzone, this is another amazing book for you! Especially for the many of us who cannot read German. This book is in English, since the majority of this site is in English anyway, so that all of us can enjoy reading it! This book is so helpful and I hope once you have read it to share it to people who are clueless about who we really are, and the truth that we are loving people! Use the Tor email services to send out emails to psychologists, parents, teachers, counselors, anyone. Even the children need to read this. I hope you all spread it!

Sites like shfri.net which this Ebook came from should exclusively use Tor or the other available “Dark”-nets. So called “regular” society  people who want to research more about us and access these can use the tor to web proxies, if they are not willing to download Tor on their computers or mobiles. They must also be helped to value their privacy as well while they still can.

We must take action to change society. Children are repressed and oppressed at school, abusive parents, and even other children who submit to the ideals of the system. Kids grow up with their most valuable years of live stolen from them by the so called “Child Advocates.” The real child abuse is the very fact that there are very little rights for children. All of us can and should do what we can to change this world. We can do so with the protection of Tor, and those who are even braver can talk to people in person about this issue of child rights. So please consider anonymous emails, and anonymous social media accounts. As well as anonymous letter mailing, and phone calls using public phones or disposable numbers. Or trusted family and friends can share the knowledge you shared with them.

Enough talk, here is the PDF. These facts should be taught in the schools.


Feel free to virus scan, sandbox, etc, if you think I am one of those Witch-Hunters. May there be the day that we are finally fully accepted and understood by everyone, and all of these precautions we must take will be the thing of the past!

Another thing about security, onion.rip or similar links should be unclickable or have a warning that you are leaving the site. Posts as well could have the time and date anonymized by minutes and hours, or have a random delay to make a post so that the real time a post was made is anonymized. Attacks on Tor users have been done using time and packet analysis by adversaries (Witch-Hunters). and could be as close as your internet provider. Use a VPN free or paid with cryptocoins, then Tor.

Wanna stop child abuse? Stop “THEM”!

Why do “they” blame us for all child sexual abuse cases while “THEIR” presence does more than double those numbers?

Why do child abuse victims always assume it was one of us and never one of “THEM”?

Around 65% of child offenders are non pedophiles*. We’re not even 40% of offenders, yet we carry ALL the blame.

Even if all pedophiles instantly vanished (which is what so many of “them” want so badly), not even HALF of child offense cases would be prevented.

On the other hand, if all of “them” vanished (ceteris paribus), those same numbers would decrease by MORE than 60%.

Antis are far more of a threat to children than we are. Yet very single day the media mislabels abusers as pedophiles by pure ignorance, making us look worse in the process. And if we confront them about that, they accuse us of being sympathizers of people who enjoy raping children.

Please don’t let “their” narrative get into your head. We are NOT the monsters they’ve created.

Source for *:

p.s.:I’ve seen some scientists mentioning on forums studies that found that pedophiles are about 20% of child sexual offenders (in contrast with the 35% number of the study I’ve cited), but I’ve lost all the sources of this study and all of it’s mentions. You can give the study’s name on the comment section if you happen to have it.

A reminder about gentle people

I write this at 2am when one should be sleeping but some things are too tempting and can not wait.
Now by the 27th of may 2019 we all seem to know the ins and outs of todays world,it can be complicated,flawed and bigoted but I am not about that, we at bob thrive on a common understanding of purity,freedom and respect not just within the BL community but in all our pursuits and that is one misinterpretation about us, we have a life outside of our self styled network. We all go to work in some way because we are humans that are should be allowed to dip in then out of mainstream and tailored pools without being blamed or judged. We are good people with a warm and gentle craving for unity on top of our individual everyday pursuits, you probably heard this underlying message before it is good to keep it in circulation for as and when required, in the meantime bless yourselves with your ways weather its football or fishing however never forget what unites us…boys and just as important… Friendship

From your handsome (bias) 19yr old from Turkey

Now i can go to f@ckn sleep lol

Lonely boy on the bus and his old friend and me.

Back in middle school I started taking the bus. I would get a key to my house, and that was more freedom for me.

On my bus there is no one that I sit with, unlike most of the other kids. Looking for a place to sit, I see this boy (J) and another boy (S) sitting behind him messing around with him. I try to get this other boy to stop, and he said “fight me” I knew he wasn’t going to do that on the bus where he would easily get in trouble. J didn’t tell the bus driver on S. I think S was just messing around with J knowing he was very shy. I tried talking with him, but it took days for him to say a word. He’d let S mess around with him. S though was actually an amatur bully, he would just take J’s books and give it back to him at the bus stop. Me and J and some other kids got off the bus and (P) he was in the same grade as me. Me and J wen’t off in opposite directions. I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t want to annoy him by following him so I went home.

Back at the bus again after school, I look for J and I see S there as well. I still try to talk to J but nothing. Then I tell S to leave J alone, and grab J’s book from S’s hands.

Back at the same bus. This time with something to talk about. But I’m not show off like the other kids, so I try to talk about something else. J turned his head the other way not interested. So I try not to offend him, I tell J about my new phone. S takes it from me and I grab it back. Then I let J and S look at it. S wants to borrow my phone, but I don’t let him. He probably is going to mess around with it or hide it somewhere. J looks at the phone a bit and gives it back. Then we get off at our bus stops.

At the bus again and as usual I sit with J and S in the back. P, my classmate that I don’t know much about notices that I always sit with J. Perhaps he finds it unsual that I sit next to a kid that is 2 grades lower than me. P says something, and J responds by “Stop, I know this kid.” I was happy that he was talking more and being more social. I’m not that social, but I tried with this boy that I saw needed friends. S as awalys was playing around with us. We got off our stops.

At the bus again! You know it! Sat at the same spot with J, S behind us, and P sitting on the other row. I let J borrow my phone, and he thanked me for that. I even let S borrow it on the condition that he does not troll me or J.

Well at the bus again, I don’t see J, and S was there. S was asking me questions like why do you keep hanging out with this kid? And can I see your phone for a bit. So I let him, but kept a close eye on him and a hand on the phone, and told him to move closer, as my arms can’t reach all the way back there.

Again at the bus I saw J and S and P was there. J said sorry I was with my other friend, (M) and they walked to J’s house. He invited me to walk with them and that they were going to walk on Friday again since the weather is getting better. I said I might join you guys. I was curious who M was. Im glad J has another friend though. It’s better to have a few friends than many.

Friday I was looking for J and M, I ran into the bus J wasn’t there, then left the bus. I looked around and check the street and I saw 2 boys walking. And one of them was the same hight as J and looked like J, J likes to wear baseball caps, so I had a strong feeling it was him. I ran to them, and then the busses were moving. I ran in between the busses when they stopped at the stop sign. Then I saw J and M up the hill. I ran up there and I felt a bit sweaty. Then I greeted J. Them M said hello to me. J and M are two funny kids. They took a shortcut on the corner of the street. I was scared to go near the neighbors house. But they said they did it everytime. So I took the long way and then ran across the street to catch up to them. J and M walked on top of the brick wall, right next to the wall was lavander plants growing. We took some, and I put a bunch on my pocket as well as these other yellow flowers. Then there was the crossing guard gretting us. He said hi to J and M and me. He seems to know them well, as they must walk often. Then they went to another street, but I check the time, and my parents must me expecting me so I went home that day.
At home I told them I walked, and they said it was good excersie, and they don’t mind if I come home a bit later for that reason.

The next week I walked when I could, stayed after some days for homework help and clubs, and would get picked up. But my parents would pick me up even If I don’t stay after. I told them I would walk. They said even in the rain? I said its fine, and I got an umbrella. Then I walked with J and M and wen’t home just like that day.

That next Friday I wen’t to their house. We wen’t down the hill and I saw some other kids walking to their homes. M wanted to race so me and J raced down the hill, and I tried not to slip as it rained the previous day. J said he knows a shortcut to his house, but it was in between houses and I was scared that someone would see us. I asked J and he said that you could go around and meet us at the other side, but I was afraid I would get lost, and miss out the fun with them.

So I walked carefully and quietly along the grass in between the houses, while J and M were running around and making noise, like boys do. We were playing in other peoples backyards, we would stay there no more than 1-5 minutes so we don’t get caught. Then I though’t what could possibly go wrong? Worst would happen they would say stay off my lawn! This was nothing compared between cutting through the house at the corner. So I decided I would cut through that house as well.

We finally got to J’s house, and he goes to the back of his house. I didn’t see any cars or anything. His parents wern’t He gets the hidden key from the secret spot, and opens the door. We all leave our bags in the garadge.

Well so much happens after the first time I go to J’s house, I would have to make it like episodes or a series, something like that! I could keep writing and writing, but I have to seperate the posts lol!

My Regret

I have read some of you guys stories and they are both beautiful and sad because it hurts a lot for me. For those boys who can have a man to love them, they are so lucky.

I grow up in a family where mom and dad always fight for no reason. My dad is alcohol addicted so whenever he has free time he will go out to drink with his “friends” or invite them home, especially when mom is not home. When I was a child, he would doubt if I am his real (blood related) son and questioned me about that when he was drunk (Well he was always drunk so… ). If I made mistakes he would say or shout something purely mean. He never touched me or hit me but he didn’t really care about me. All he care about was alcohol. So we didn’t talk much, no more than 50 words per day. Sometimes he would complained that I always told mom everything but not him and because of that we got into a sever quarrel when I was 13. It was the first time I dared to do that and I was crying back then but he just won’t listen. I rarely invited my friends to play in our house because of the unfriendly atmosphere in it. Besides, I didn’t have many friends cause I was introverted ( I still am ), which also caused me to be bullied by other kids.

Now I am 22. To be honest ( please don’t laugh at me ), I wish I was a boy again and I could find a man who could hold me and kiss me, who could make me feel safe and happy, who could teach me things like a father teaches his son, who could encourage me to talk to new people and develop social skills. But I know this will only happen in my dreams.

Sorry for my English. Here is a photo that I have been keeping for about 2 years. He is so beautiful and I LOVE him and his smile very much. Does anyone have more pics of him? I believe I got it from the previous version of this website and it is also called “beauty of boys”.

“A Little Friend” Chapter 1

It was late June, July was a few days away, so we just got into summer. Which is not a season I’m a fan off. Mostly because of bees. Wasps more specifically actually. Bees are endangered so I do my best to help one of those fluffy adorable important helpers when I can. I’ve actually kept the bee hive in my backyard, and even planted some ice followers so they can thrive. But those aggressive dumb looking wasps that will sting you for no good reason, hate, and they come out the most in the summer. And maybe because of the hot sun recently thanks to *cough* us *cough* global warming *cough*.

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“A Little Friend” Prologue

So this is going to be a story I’ll be writing here, since I don’t think it’s a good idea to share it publicly. It’s Entirely fictional…. So, here we go.

Seven Months since college. Finished my studies in architecture. My father was a construction working and home designer back in the day. It was bound for me to take after his ‘Legacy’. I always had the strong interest in designing homes and construction. I can not stare at a house without trying to identify how it was constructed, from Blueprint to the finished product. As a young boy I always built bird houses, I even made my very own tree house as my dad was always working and my mother, well couldn’t quite understand how to put one together. My background is decorated with them, all different unique styles and colors, oh the birds injoy they’re especially designed quick visit homes to drink and feed. And now soon enough, I’m going to be able to makes homes for people such as myself.

Currently I am working with a small construction company that repair old houses or takes them down, it’s all about beginning somewhere right? At least the job offers a decent pay and some experience and exploration on construction where I can take it somewhere else in a few years.

Since I haven’t been home much, I haven’t been able to talk to my friend across the street from my place, Alan. He’s a ‘pro’ cyclist and runner, works at a shoe store as a sales associate. He’s about 25, same as me, just a little taller and more handsome then me I would say. So one day when I got home from the grocery store since I had the work day off, Alan came and helped me with my stuff from the store. I remember him saying something like “Those arms are already getting overworked brother, lemme give ya a hand!” After snatching the bags from my arms. He’s always been that super outgoing type dude that everyone would want to be friends with, loyal, funny, caring and smart. After he took the bags and catched me up on the news of his latest girlfriend, which I have never had a interest in any girls, or guys, I’ve sorta claimed myself Asexual. I turned to what I saw was new neighbors? I dident recall there being anyone new moving into the empty house beside Alan’s place. Alan caught me looking and pointed out they moved in three weeks ago. A woman, a man, and a young boy. But what caught my eye the most was, the boy? My eyes kept tracking him walking beside his father to the car grabbing a few boxes which I guess were coming from a storage locker.  but this boy. I don’t know why he caught my attention so much. I’ve seen so many kids when I was younger, from school, babysitting to even now just at parks, but none of them interested me so strangely like this kid did. His hair was a blonde gold color. A bit shorter on the back and sides, longer on the top. Pale skin, and from what I could tell was maybe bluish greenish eyes. It was hard to tell what his age was from the distance. His father handed him a smaller box which he could carry, his father had a medium length hair, a bit of stubble and a little on the aged side, maybe in his late 30’s, sorta looked like the guy from ‘Better call Saul’. The woman, stood at the houses door, blonde long hair, wavy down past her neck, slightly clear skin, with a bright smile as she let the boy pass her into the house. Where I finally got my attention back. I followed Alan into my place, questioning to myself, why did this boy give me this feeling? Feeling like, warmth? Chills, and my heart race for a short moment? Whatever it was, this wasent normal. this is how this whole thing started. Where I made my first little friend.

To Be Continued…

My little blue : Jonas

I Took alec with me in the car, he like beinh in the front seat , he starts playing policeman and thief while i was talking on my phone to a friend about tomorrow’s plans, Alec was feeling safe with me, it was a good ride at least, finally..

Alec: okey stop its here
Me: perfect, so we wait
Alec: can i go get some air
Me: i know whats on your mind kid, so stop what you trying to do
Alec: please officer trust me

30min pass and our man didnt come yet, i start suspecting that kid’s story

I get out the car to smoke a cigarette, it was calm outside, and i can hear the sound of the sea, i opened the car for alec to go out, and the time i lamp my cigarette i turn to find nothing but the door of the car opened, the bastard run away, he wasnt helpfull anyway..

It was 12pm already, i took my car going back to the police station,and there yes right on the station’s door, Alec was sitting,

Me: for god’s sake, what are you doing here ?
Alec: sorry officer for what happend
Me: that wasnt nice, you play trick on me, and really whats up with you, we finished the interview and, i dont care about that lukas,so why you came back?
Alec: i have nowhere to go officer ,

I felt weird giving him time and talking to him, actually am the kind who dont like too much talk, and here i am talking to a little boy in the middle of the night in my place of work.

Me: call me clark
Alec: nice to meet you clark, am jonas
Me: everytime you’ll suprise me dont you
Jonas: am full of surprises haha
Me: sure you are
Jonas: i wanna tell you something about lukas,
Me: he’s here too?
Jonas: he never been here, he’s just doesnt exist.
Me: oh really ?! is it your imaginary friend
Jonas: you can say so
Me: alright, i have a friend with shelter you can pass the night there if you want to
Jonas: okey thank you, you’re a good cop
Me: sure i am

I took him on my car to my friend’s shelter, i made up a story to my friend that the kid is a result of an abusive father and a divorced couple and he need somewhere to sleep, i didnt took him to my place cause neighbours will think something wrong seeing me with a homeless kid going in my house, of course my friend believed me and he didnt refuse as usual.

Part 1: the city https://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion.rip/2019/01/my-little-blue-the-city/

My little Blue “The City”

I start writing this story about a love drama between a boy and a man “its a fiction story, even the persons and places” i’ll post a part each week, enjoy reading

The city

My name is clark, am a police officer in my mid thirties and single, i work mostly at night in a big city called castedia full of buildings and lights, its a city that never sleep, i live in an appartement located in a big building close to the beach, my task as a P.O is to answer any radio call from the station, so i drive my car hanging waiting for that call to come, i love the night and its lights, and its almost calm than the day.

One night i got a radio call by 8Pm , a homeless man killed another in a fight, it was the second murder, so that night we arrest most homeless people that we can, women,children,men, all of them so we can investigate what happens that night and the other night, between homeless men, well for me i capture two men and a little boy, he was about 12 years old, i get them to the station where we started interviewing them one by one.

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Adios Amigos, via con Dios

I have recently returned home from a very long road trip, photographing traditional boat races on the Mekong River, jumping back and forth between Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.  If you prefer to travel sans tourist busses this would be a wonderful experience.  The people in the rural parts of South East Asia are very friendly, and curious, whenever foreigners show up and take an interest in the area.

My ability to speak their dialect is weak, but I learned that the boy with the shaved head was recently a nen, or novice monk, for one week following the death of his grandfather.  This is a customary practice among Buddhists in this region.

I never share or sell my favorite photos; instead, I keep them for myself.  Making an exception this time to share this photo of two Cambodian boys and their dog because it sums up nicely how I feel about boys.  What struck me the most about these two is that they were neither a nuisance, nor were they afraid, as you might find among city dwellers.  They polite, soft-spoken, even asking if I had “eaten rice today” which is a typical polite greeting.  They never posed for pictures (that annoying habit many people have of using their fingers to frame their faces, or giving the peace sign).  They didn’t ask for money.  Instead, they wanted to introduce me to their dog, and their cows, and to the pigs.

I could feel loving kindness oozing from the boys.  Was it real?  Or was it just my imagination?  My answer to those questions is that I felt a very strong connection to them, immediately.  It was a feeling that was warm and relaxed, and trusting, and it certainly was real for me.  I suppose that’s what makes me a boylover.

This will be my last post at this site. I suppose being a boylover comes in many flavors, and we all have different ways expressing our love for boys.  I have decided to leave you all in peace to find and express love in your own way.