The dangers of email

I see some users using their email address as their username. Occasionally, I stumble upon comments or posts in the forum asking for trades, using email. I delete such posts as it puts you in danger.

Why does exchanging messages or material via email put you in danger?

Emails can be associated with your Internet address (IP). This leads the authorities directly to your computer and your home. That’s why we use Tor here; a network protocol that obfuscates your Internet address and traffic so it can not be traced back.
You can use an anonymous email provider like Tutanota or Protonmail, but please use Tor when accessing them. Ideally, both communication partners have their accounts at the same provider, so that emails don’t leave the server when they get sent to another account.

A email has to go through potentially untrustworthy intermediate computers (email servers, ISPs) before reaching its destination, and there is no way to verify if it was accessed by an unauthorized entity.

Here are some facts:

Assume that emails travel unencrypted through the Internet.

The National Security Agency is collecting all the Internet traffic worldwide. A secret program called “PRISM” – revealed 2013 by Edward Snowden.

“Oh, but I’m using gmail and so does my communication partner. The email won’t leave the server of Google” you might say.

Well, I have bad news for you:

All your Gmails, Facebook messages, Discord chats and whatnot is getting collected directly at the server – by abusing the laws for reasons of “national security”.

Dedicated agents at the FBI will analyze the collected data in their analysis centres.

Just don’t publish your email address here, for your own safety.

You know how fast The Beauty of Boys got taken down when I tried hosting it regularly on the Internet. No matter in which country, it didn’t survive longer than a few days.
They are after us. They don’t want us.

But up to this point, The Beauty of Boys has survived almost 3 years. Long time users are still here and posting, they couldn’t be tracked down.
Go figure what that tells you about the security of this site and about Tor.

Enjoy your stay and be safe!

English Boylove Ebook

While searching for books on Boylove and Childlove in general, I came across this book. I am so glad I downloaded it before the site got hunted down by witch hunters! There was probably more that I did not archive. So for everyone out there, as soon as you see something good, archive the page, and download everything! Freedom of speech is gone on the clearnet. All sites like these should use Tor! If you are familiar with Matteo’s favorite Ebook Tabuzone, this is another amazing book for you! Especially for the many of us who cannot read German. This book is in English, since the majority of this site is in English anyway, so that all of us can enjoy reading it! This book is so helpful and I hope once you have read it to share it to people who are clueless about who we really are, and the truth that we are loving people! Use the Tor email services to send out emails to psychologists, parents, teachers, counselors, anyone. Even the children need to read this. I hope you all spread it!

Sites like which this Ebook came from should exclusively use Tor or the other available “Dark”-nets. So called “regular” society  people who want to research more about us and access these can use the tor to web proxies, if they are not willing to download Tor on their computers or mobiles. They must also be helped to value their privacy as well while they still can.

We must take action to change society. Children are repressed and oppressed at school, abusive parents, and even other children who submit to the ideals of the system. Kids grow up with their most valuable years of live stolen from them by the so called “Child Advocates.” The real child abuse is the very fact that there are very little rights for children. All of us can and should do what we can to change this world. We can do so with the protection of Tor, and those who are even braver can talk to people in person about this issue of child rights. So please consider anonymous emails, and anonymous social media accounts. As well as anonymous letter mailing, and phone calls using public phones or disposable numbers. Or trusted family and friends can share the knowledge you shared with them.

Enough talk, here is the PDF. These facts should be taught in the schools.


Feel free to virus scan, sandbox, etc, if you think I am one of those Witch-Hunters. May there be the day that we are finally fully accepted and understood by everyone, and all of these precautions we must take will be the thing of the past!

Another thing about security, or similar links should be unclickable or have a warning that you are leaving the site. Posts as well could have the time and date anonymized by minutes and hours, or have a random delay to make a post so that the real time a post was made is anonymized. Attacks on Tor users have been done using time and packet analysis by adversaries (Witch-Hunters). and could be as close as your internet provider. Use a VPN free or paid with cryptocoins, then Tor.

Image file sizes

Recently a couple of different but related topics have come up, in multiple contexts: server storage space and network bandwidth. Both of those issues are affected by the number of images we post, but also by the size of the images. (I’m referring here to the file size, not the number of pixels – and those two things may not be as closely related as it might appear.)

This post is an attempt to demonstrate some methods for shrinking image file size (and therefore using less space on the server, and less bandwidth on everyone’s browsers, without reducing the pixel size or the quality of the posted images.

All but one of the tools I use here are free. I’ll provide a list at the end. Some of them (especially in the first step) can easily be replaced with other tools, free or not, as you prefer.

Continue reading

To all studio set lovers: This weekend is for you.

After some discussion, the overall vibe came to the conclusion to pause posting studio sets for some time. I will publish the remaining studio sets in the pending queue, but then let’s make space for other types of photos. The posting of studio sets is resumed in August.
Are you happy with that timeframe?

So, my dear studio set lovers. This weekend belongs to you.

I love you and let’s enjoy the last remaining studio sets in full length. I haven’t deleted anything this time.

This is what BoB looks like when I just publish what is pending.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

My dear community,

we did it! BoB is running almost for two years now and it’s still alive! Given the time until such a site gets taken down when attempting to host it on the regular Internet, I’m proud that we’ve made it so far. (You know, somebody once announced a clone of BoB in the forums, and only a few days later, the domain already got parked.) Tor and its security and anonymity mechanisms really do work.
But BoB wouldn’t be BoB without all of you, so thank you so much for filling it with life, love and boys! The numbers speak for themself:

I’m leaving you with this special christmas present: The Tabuzone.


This is the most soothing and comprehensive PDF guide about child love ever created and my humble gratitude goes to its anonymous author. It’s written in german, but I hope you’ll find your way with the translation engines out there. Remember: Always use the Tor-Browser.

Blessings, and merry christmas!

Use the Tor Browser! beautyboysj2sgq3.onion is the only valid and original URL

One of our members approached me and told me that he has to fill out a survey and he can not access the site until that survey is answered. Puzzled and worried I quickly checked the integrity of the webserver’s files. However, they are ok.

Then a suspicion crossed my mind. There are these proxies on the Internet which allow you to access a hidden service like beautyboysj2sgq3.onion without the Tor Browser. And as it turns out, is altering the content of the site and inserts malicious scripts and surveys. It looks like this:

Pay attention to the URL. It must look like in the screenshot below:

See? beautyboysj2sgq3.onion

Don’t use these proxies, it puts your anonymity at risk!

Download and use the Tor Browser: and access The Beauty of Boys directly via the Tor Browser.

Use the Tor Browser.
Use the Tor Browser.
Use the Tor Browser.

Everything else is insecure.

Site errors – fixed!

Hi there

When I returned from my holidays, I was welcomed with broken BoB forums and messages. The issue was a corrupt table in the database. Since some tables are intertwined, I had to restore the whole database up to the point where the corruption took place. Since the database has grown quite large, the restore took several hours to complete.

This means we lost some posts, some new registered users and some comments. But we have our forums and messages back and working.

I’m sorry that this happened. It seems that after over a year, running a database on an encrypted harddrive has now caused some issues.

Thank you all for your patience and especially thank you Puer Amicus for standing in during my absence.

I am back, BoB is back – we are returning to normal operations.

“Underten” and “Tiny little bill”, your comments are not welcome here

There is nothing wrong with mentioning a beautiful body, a cute face or a gorgeous boy. But what you, Underten and Tiny little bill wrote, clearly steps over the line. We had the site shut down back in those early days because of “sexualizing comments”, you know.

If you wanna write how much you’d love to hold nice sweet little hairless cocks and swallow loads of cum, go somewhere else. This is a site for boylovers, not boylusterers.

All of Underten and Tiny little bill’s comments are now trashed and their accounts deleted.

Performance issues

As some users pointed out in the forums, the server is currently experiencing performance problems. Image uploads are slow or don’t work at all, sadly.
My apologies. I’m already investigating this with my hoster.

Give us some time. It gets better. It probably got better. Tell me in the comments.