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  1. glad your back hope there will be some freedom to post since your on here.looking to talk to anyone interested in in young teen boys and would like to know if anyone has pics of Cody from model teenz, anyone can contact me

  2. Hello, Hello how are you?

    I was also affected by the new rules of postings, had to adapt and make some changes to be able to continue with the site working. My old site My litte boy, needed to be refurbished to meet some conditions of use.

    Please can you relive my link on your page again? I’ll do the same with Beauty of Boys.



      • Hi Matteo,
        I can’t create any page. I only can type the Title of the page, but I have nothing to import any pictures. I’m used to WordPress for a long time, I posted many pictures as Gatorinho and Gaiato, over 170 pages of 10 pictures each, I mean I know how to create and post. But, now it is impossible. Maybe because I am on Mac ? Or what is missing on my computer ?
        I create a blog on Zonerama because I could not post here all my boys (many many boys, but sure, you know me and my posts)
        You can look on https://www.zonerama.com/Gatorinho/411417

        and the password, for every album is Ruben-Marco-Enzo

        But I would be happy to post here of course

        I spent a lot of time to try to understand why I couldn’t create any page like I did often into boysblogs.net. I followed of course your tutorial but I have not the same pages, not at all.
        Thanks for help me.
        Patrick (Gaiato with Art and rapazinhos or Gatorinho with Boys of my dreams)

        • Hmm, I wonder if it’s an apple issue because alterboy1 describes similar problems with his apple products. Are there any apple users out there that have been able to post? I’ve posted from both linux pc and android. Haven’t tried windows and don’t have a mac to try.

          • Thanks Puer Amicus, I think it is a problem with Mac OS because I am very used to post many pictures on various blogs before, including WordPress. When I want to post something, I have only the possibility to type a Tittle, but I have nothing in the page like “add media”, the page is white, without anything else.
            I created a blog on https://www.zonerama.com/Gatorinho/411417
            Many (800) pictures today You can open these albums with the password
            Ruben-Marco-Enzo the same PW for all albums. Sure you’ll find some pictures for you…
            And thanks for your posts.

          • I use to use a regular iPad to post on the old blog.Some if you may remember my Boy annual posts! But now I only have an old iPhone 6 and a newish mini iPad. So I’ll try and post using my old toshiba laptop or maybe use someone else’s iPad. But as Puer Amicus says,it might be a glitch of some sort affecting only apple products.

          • Yeah, sorry, brain fart. Have to use tor browser here. Maybe the mac version is buggy?

          • What means buggy ? I am not English. I just know the word bug but my Mac OS works quite well for many years OS 10.9.5 and the next version will not works correctly because my RAM is only 2 Go and it is impossible to increase it. Anyway, when I’ll have time, I’ll use a big PC Windows for beautyboys. Thanks for all.

    • To day, you’ll have 12 albums of 100 pictures in everyone. Probably you know several pictures if you were on boysblogs.net and my own boys (boysfriends and sons) Enjoy it !

    • Now I have 24 albums. The last one is only Swiss serie but not very known…. Same password for the albums n°21 to n°24 (Ruben…….) but I changed the PW for the other albums (n°1 to n°20) question of security. Of course I’ll tell you by mail. Hugs

    • I remember well boyaddicked ! Yes, I have been first Gatorinho, nuked on BoB ! And then Gaiato on boysblogs.net
      Now I post on Zonerama. I can’t post here, it doesn’t work for posting any picture. On Zonerama I have 18 albums of 100 pictures each. Send me a message on supergatorinho406@tutanota.com Obrigado !

  3. @Gatorinho…I tried the password Ruben-Marco-Enzo. It didn’t work?… Am I doing something wrong? Do you have to be a member?..Thanks.

    • No, you don’t need to be a member. Send me a message on supergatorinho406@tutanota.com there are different password and, now, I give the password only to my friends. I’ll give it to you, but not here. Try once again Ruben-Marco-Enzo don’t forget the ” – ” between each name. But I’ll give you another PW for the hidden albums. There are 2 windows : “Hidden albums” and “Boys of my dreams” For “Boys of my dreams” the PW is Ruben-Marco-Enzo
      For “Hidden albums” I’ll give you by tutanota.

  4. More than 48 hours have passed but still does not send me and receive emails.
    This message still comes out. Sorry, you are not allowed to send or receive emails because your account was marked for approval to avoid abuse like spam emails. The Tutanota team will approve your account within 48 hours.
    However, my email is this gohanssj2@tutanota.com.

  5. FtNThotry…Tried to check out this site but when trying to watch video I got a message that read”Aww shucks looks like you set up cant view..blah blah blah ..something?Maybe some blocked thing from TOR?….

      • Sorry to be pedantic, but it might matter when someone’s looking for settings. “Java” and “Javascript” are two totally different, almost unrelated, things. Having Javascript turned off may cause a lot of sites to break. Having Java turned off will affect very few sites.

  6. Olegdivov seems to have gone down. I can’t access it anymore for several days now, and it says the site has been deleted. How sad, I liked that blog.

    • Ich hab da so einiges zu tauschen und ich binn befreunded mit jemanden in Italien der sehr daran interessiert ist und der auch gerne tauschen m”ochte, er spricht aber nur Italianisch. Ich konnte aber da behilflich sein.

    • You have to set the script on Temp trusted ( the S right above ) otherwise you can not post pics.
      Be sure it is Temp(orarily) trusted, after posting pics you can set back to Untrusted.

      Click Instructions at the top of the website for all the information . Good luck!

      • If he has updated to the brand new Tor Browser, the “S” is no longer there, and there isn’t anything special you have to do to post pics now, so I honestly don’t know what his problem would be since I’m not having any issues with uploading pics.

  7. Hi guys!
    Personally, congratulations to the site, really cool.
    I have been since the old the beauty of boys. I believe in my opinion that you managed to keep the same characteristics, it was very good.
    Galera please, how do you spread the link of my site on this page, I follow you for so long, help me, please put my link here.

    A big hug for everyone!
    Nathan Matheo


    • Cool, thanks for that information. I’m glad that those articles still exist somewhere.

      Damn I need to update that link list; half of it already got taken down and many more have been posted as comments.

      And siUzE, if you happen to be Ender Wiggin – thank you for your articles and your hard work. Glad you found your way in here.

  8. Hey guys! Check out this site you will enjoy it! Also if you could contact them, I suggest you please tell them to move their site to onionland as they have been nuked before. Also use archivecaslytosk.onion to archive the pages, and be sure to save the urls in a text doc, probably on this site of the archives incase they get nuked again. Thanks boylovers. And to stay safe put the Tor Browser slider on the safest settings, disable JavaScript, and don’t sign in with google. Peace!

    • I do appreciate the plug on here. I am familiar with Onion, and Tor, however I’ve never created a site here. It is worthy of the consideration I suppose. I would probs have to run it as mirror site, as my readers don’t kindly consider themselves BL. However the added security and anonymity of the Onion is a worthy endeavor. Indeed it would open up a lot of freedom in expression for my blogs. Thanks for the Suggestion – Person who is mimicking my name “OOTSU” – Shame on you.
      My eMAIL Is found on my blog (rather cryptic) Blast me a note or hints on how to create a site here.

  9. It looks like exposure.pw has been shut down.

    On the page, it as says that it’s now available on darknet as:


    but whenever I use that link, it only takes me back to the same page. I tried adding “.link” at the end of it, and it still took me back to that page. Maybe you’ll have better luck, and if you do, could you please post the link on this page?

    It’s a shame, Exposure and BoB have helped me in ways I didn’t expect.

    • The new URL looks like exactly the same page as the old one, which is probably a good sign (the new URL is working 🙂 ) If it looked like a significantly different page, I’d be worried.

      • Hmmm, on second thought – the onion page looks just like the current clearnet page, BUT most or all of the interesting content is missing from BOTH versions :C Hopefully that’s a temporary problem, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

        • I think whoever took down (or tried to take down) the clearnet site may have forced the creator to build a temporary site with cookie cutter posts just to stop the attacker. My bet is that the owner of the site will be rebuilding the site only for the onion page.

        • Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say.
          I also hope it’s a temporary problem, but I suppose I shouldn’t hold my breath either.

          Thankfully, many of the albums on there are becoming available here too, but still, I hope it’s as garlooks said, the owner will rebuild the entire site for the onion page.

          • Looks like both the onion page and the clearnet page have the same content and it looks like most (if not all) of it is back. However, I noticed that when you on Tor and want to go to the onion page, https will not work. I have to use this URL:


  10. Exposure.pw is down again and this time is too long.
    I wonder. Is it gone ? or Owner change web address.
    Have anyone know about this site ?

    Thank you.

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