Blogs and other Resources

General Blogs

• “Celibate Pedophiles”, by Ethan Edwards —
• “Not A Monster”, by Todd Nickerson —
• “Pensamentos Folle”, by Lucas P. Folle (Portuguese/English) —

Medium Blogs and Publications

• Pedophiles About Pedophilia —
• Ender Wiggin @ender —
• Brett Matthews (Daywalker) —
• TNF13 @TNF_13 —
• Lucas P. Folle @lucaspfolle —
• Robert West @rwest —
• Simon Falko @simgiran —
• Stepping Out Sam @Sam Prime —

Other Websites

• Virtuous Pedophiles, a website for non-offending, anti-contact pedophiles (fill in contact form to access peer support forum) —
• B4U-ACT, organization to educate mental health providers and promote access to mental health support for MAPs, with a peer support forum for MAPs and support options for friends and relatives —
• Christian Pedophile, a website for Christian pedophiles —
• Cepek, Czech site for non-offending pedophiles —
• Shadows Project, gallery of personal sketches of celibate pedophiles —
• The Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, site with resources about preventing CSA —