Ilya Panteleev

Ilya (Илья Пантелеев) is a four year old child model in Russia. He’s well below the age range I usually post, but I found him to be an adorable little cutie and well worth sharing.

After removing a lot of duplicates, I find I only have enough pictures of Ilya for one post, so there won’t be a “part 2” for now.

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Boys that identify as girls, is gender more than body parts?

Just think about it for a minute.  If your body is built one way, but your brain tells you to feel a different way, what are you?  Should you be classified based off body parts or how you emotionally feel?  Should there be strict classifications in first place?  It’s an eternal war that goes on inside not only society, but individually among people who have identity confusion, sometimes their entire life.  Some do something about it and some hide it away in that box we all have that no one else ever sees.

My personal thoughts are that gender and sexuality is very, very fluid and the way society “labels” these things is completely archaic and medieval.  The human race everywhere needs to realize you can’t classify people into just two classifications, heck, not even six or seven groups is enough.  There’s a wide range of personalities and how people are built.  There should be acceptance of every type of person, though I fear this won’t happen for another hundred years, maybe never.

I may come out with more photos at a later time if people here seem to like these.

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Tristan, a boy with long blonde hair

There is something about a boy with long hair, maybe they seem more carefree than ones with short hair?  In these selfies, you can see him go from a boy to a man.  Today I believe he close to 18 years old.  What a shame, they never stay boys!

Not all the photos are in focus, but that’s what happens with selfies.

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Boys Of 2005

I don´t know what was in the air in 2005, but in this year many extraordinarily beauriful boys were born. They are in the best age now and they are not ashamed to show us their beauty. So enjoy these beauties who were born in 2005 and are the proof that this year was probably the best harvest of beautiful boys.

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