From the depths of Tumblr . 8

Only just noticed that the number of currently selected pictures is at the bottom left of the interface where you Add Media from. Here are another 50 pictures that I salvaged from Tumblr before they decided to become boring. I have not checked to see if there are any duplicates with what I have already uploaded but I’m fairly sure these are all new

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Matteo kid model

This Belgian model I fell in love with from the moment I saw him, with his blond hair and incredibly expressive brown eyes. She has very few pictures of him showing her beautiful and wonderful body, but where she does it seems that she melted the camera because of her beauty.

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Joao and Andre Veronez

These twins of Brazilian origin are dedicated to modeling are two beauties that I found casually on the internet yesterday. These boys seemed too beautiful for me not to share here on the site. They are eight years old, but in spite of their young age they have an incredible body and a skin that seems to kiss with madness since it looks as if it were made of the softest silk. My favorite photos are those of the train tracks, where they show the elastic of the underwear protruding from the top of the pants and they know that it drives me crazy

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…these are a few of my favourite things!

Just watched the sounds of music again. One of the greatest films ever 🙂 inspired by it I decided to list a few of my favourites things. So here are a few types of clothing I really like on boys 😉 these are in no particular order!

  1. Shorts

Short are lovely, won’t you agree? Especially when they’re nice fitting and end above the knee 😉

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