Ashley Carlon’s boys Part 10

Dear Cole and Grant,

Tonight as I was reading with you two at bedtime, I was completely overwhelmed with what a lucky Mama I am. Grant, you were snuggled at my right and Cole at my left. Cole, you were reading to me about tornados for your school project, and Grant you were “reading” a new bug book. Both of you were vying for my attention. When I looked at Cole’s book, Grant you would grab my cheeks and turn me to yours to investigate bugs. You kept asking what bugs were good and what bugs were bad. Grant, you then told me that you had a secret to share. All day yesterday your “secrets” to me involved some sort of potty humor, which you find hilarious, but tonight your secret warmed my heart. You ever so quietly whispered, “I love you” in my ear. I am even tearing up as I write this because it means so much to me, and I hope I always remember your sweet little whisper in my ear. You have told me you love me so many times before, but usually it is following my “I love you” or is prompted by me wanting to hear it. I was so caught off guard, and immediately started smothering you in kisses. Of course, Cole you wanted to share in the love too. You then told me your “secret”, which was “You are the best mommy in the world and I love you”. I don’t know that life could really get any better than that. You two make me feel so special and everyday I am humbled by the chance that I get to be your Mommy. I love you two so much and am so proud of the sweet, silly, crazy boys that you are.


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Happy Birthday Peta and David!

Peta is turning 11 and his little brother is turning 8, and your invited!

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Your Majestics Felix and Nikolai of Denmark

This time I wanted to enter with something that I have hardly seen in this space, which is the children of European royalty. Nikolai and Felix of Denmark were for a long time the most handsome boys of royalty and even though they have already reached adolescence, they are still very much admired by all. Of the two my favorite is Felix, but the beauty of Nikolai is also excellent and he is not far behind. The two were children a couple of heartbreakers among girls and still are among teenage girls.

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