Photographer in Focus: Justine Shachar, Part 1 of ???

There’s not much out there about Justine Shachar.  She is self-taught and mostly takes photos of her three boys.  She lives in Australia and she really seems to like close-up shots where the freckles and eyes stand out.  She does some really nice shots in color and black & white.  You might notice the youngest of the boys suffers from a affliction where a few of his vertebrae are fused in the neck.  I’m glad she chooses to show all her boys in the light and doesn’t hide them from the world.

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Photographer in Focus: Paola de Grenet

Paola de Grenet was born in Milan in 1971.  It looks like she went to school in the UK and stayed there for work until 2003 when she moved to Barcelona.  As far as I can tell she still lives and works there.  Her photography ranges from families, to portraits, to culture pieces.  Her work seems to be widely accepted and has been in magazines and newspapers around the globe.

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Ilya Panteleev

Ilya (Илья Пантелеев) is a four year old child model in Russia. He’s well below the age range I usually post, but I found him to be an adorable little cutie and well worth sharing.

After removing a lot of duplicates, I find I only have enough pictures of Ilya for one post, so there won’t be a “part 2” for now.

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