English Boylove Ebook

While searching for books on Boylove and Childlove in general, I came across this book. I am so glad I downloaded it before the site got hunted down by witch hunters! There was probably more that I did not archive. So for everyone out there, as soon as you see something good, archive the page, and download everything! Freedom of speech is gone on the clearnet. All sites like these should use Tor! If you are familiar with Matteo’s favorite Ebook Tabuzone, this is another amazing book for you! Especially for the many of us who cannot read German. This book is in English, since the majority of this site is in English anyway, so that all of us can enjoy reading it! This book is so helpful and I hope once you have read it to share it to people who are clueless about who we really are, and the truth that we are loving people! Use the Tor email services to send out emails to psychologists, parents, teachers, counselors, anyone. Even the children need to read this. I hope you all spread it!

Sites like shfri.net which this Ebook came from should exclusively use Tor or the other available “Dark”-nets. So called “regular” society  people who want to research more about us and access these can use the tor to web proxies, if they are not willing to download Tor on their computers or mobiles. They must also be helped to value their privacy as well while they still can.

We must take action to change society. Children are repressed and oppressed at school, abusive parents, and even other children who submit to the ideals of the system. Kids grow up with their most valuable years of live stolen from them by the so called “Child Advocates.” The real child abuse is the very fact that there are very little rights for children. All of us can and should do what we can to change this world. We can do so with the protection of Tor, and those who are even braver can talk to people in person about this issue of child rights. So please consider anonymous emails, and anonymous social media accounts. As well as anonymous letter mailing, and phone calls using public phones or disposable numbers. Or trusted family and friends can share the knowledge you shared with them.

Enough talk, here is the PDF. These facts should be taught in the schools.


Feel free to virus scan, sandbox, etc, if you think I am one of those Witch-Hunters. May there be the day that we are finally fully accepted and understood by everyone, and all of these precautions we must take will be the thing of the past!

Another thing about security, onion.rip or similar links should be unclickable or have a warning that you are leaving the site. Posts as well could have the time and date anonymized by minutes and hours, or have a random delay to make a post so that the real time a post was made is anonymized. Attacks on Tor users have been done using time and packet analysis by adversaries (Witch-Hunters). and could be as close as your internet provider. Use a VPN free or paid with cryptocoins, then Tor.