Gabriel Golub, a jewel

What can I say about this hot beauty? From 11 or 12 years old, this boy warms up the atmosphere as soon as he shows off his delicious body without a shirt. It is a delight to see the beautiful green eyes of this handsome boy. And it is also the protagonist of a series of HBO and it seems that for the trailer of it shows its beautiful and sculptural body. Seriously, I fell in love with him as soon as I saw.

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Kaua Orsi, Brazilian, small and hot

First of all, I had not published because I could not find the boy who could be worthy of being brought to this space, but at last I found true beauty.

This Brazilian boy of eight years at a glance does not seem to have a great attraction. But when he plays soccer or goes swimming and removes his shirt reveals his sculptural figure seriously elevates the temperature of the place immediately hinting at why it is a very sought-after model. And when this happens, it exposes your skin, as soft as silk you want to caress it and eat it with kisses, delighting yourself with it. A divine beauty wherever it is seen.

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Juri´s Tribute To Boys With Hairy Legs

Hello, my friends. Today´s tribute will be a bit special. Because I love hairy legs on boys even more than hairy arms, I decided to pay tribute to… hairy legs. Those nicely shaped limbs that are made for walking are the most beautiful when they have a nice fur. Now I am presenting you boys, whose legs are very hairy and therefore very beautiful. All the boys are well known here, but now you can focus on their leg hair.

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