Mister Mic, hansome and hot little boy

I don’t know where to start explaining that this eight-year-old boy caught my attention from the moment I saw him. I don’t know his real name, but that’s no impediment to admire his beauty with his dark brown hair, his freckles (calling Lausie Laus) and his green eyes. But without a doubt, when he does not wear a shirt, he has an enormous capacity to raise the ambient temperature of the place where he is (and fortunately, he is not afraid to show better attributes when he only wears shorts but no shirt). God, I’m so in love with this boy. He’s a beautiful boy.

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Mike Pelevin, delicious Russian boy

This nine-year-old boy is a beauty wherever he looks. There are few photographs where he shows something of his beautiful body, but where he does it, he makes the temperature rise. His skin is unique.

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Photographer in Focus: Malina Saval (Boy edition)

This is a first for me and an experiment of sorts. I will be posting the same photographer on both The beauty of boys! and The beehive!  The latest photographer I found takes a lot of nice photos of boy and girls and figured it would be a good idea to feature her on both sites.  Here is a little about this photographer.

Malina Saval is a journalist, photographer, and writer that lives in California, which is in the USA. Her main focus is on her family and her family’s friends. But after reading a little about her, she does travel the world for stories and research, so it’s possible some of these photos were taken in other countries. Like many of the photographers I’ve posted, she loves close ups but also take photos of her family and friends in every day life.

I understand some photographers I’ve posted seemed to do a lot of “staged” photos that some here see as fake or forced.  I hope her collections is much more of the natural type of photography people like.  Some photos look like they were set up for the shot, but many seem to be more natural.

To see the “Girl Edition” you an find it here: http://beehive6ratfqulk.onion/2019/10/photographer-in-focus-malina-saval-girl-edition

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Daniil Margushev, Russian doll

What can I say about this little Russian? I fell in love with this eight year old blond boy, with green eyes and very white skin. He is a real doll, especially when he does not wear a shirt. I want to eat it with kisses.

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