Photographer in Focus: Justine Shachar, Part 1 of ???

There’s not much out there about Justine Shachar.  She is self-taught and mostly takes photos of her three boys.  She lives in Australia and she really seems to like close-up shots where the freckles and eyes stand out.  She does some really nice shots in color and black & white.  You might notice the youngest of the boys suffers from a affliction where a few of his vertebrae are fused in the neck.  I’m glad she chooses to show all her boys in the light and doesn’t hide them from the world.

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Photographer in Focus: Paola de Grenet

Paola de Grenet was born in Milan in 1971.  It looks like she went to school in the UK and stayed there for work until 2003 when she moved to Barcelona.  As far as I can tell she still lives and works there.  Her photography ranges from families, to portraits, to culture pieces.  Her work seems to be widely accepted and has been in magazines and newspapers around the globe.

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Photographer in Focus: Lukas Roels

This is a new series of posts called “Photographer in Focus:”  Each post will feature a different photographer.

I came across a few different sets of photographers who mainly focus on the human body.  I’ll post only what I believe to be the male form.  It is hard to know exactly if the person is male or female, especially when they are young, but I will do my best to only post those that are boys.

I hope you enjoy!


Lukas Roels was born in 1957 in Ghent, Belgium.  While is rarely does projects for other people, he has released at least one book; “Angels of Time”.  As you might expect, in some countries his book is very controversial and his work is frowned upon.  Even though he feels his work is similar to a statue, others disagree.  His question to you is, “Do you feel the same unease when you look at a nude statue?”

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Twins: Bernie and Erick

This post features a pair of twins from Instagram. We’ve seen a couple of pictures of one or both here before, in a post featuring a photographer they’ve modeled for. I only have enough photos of these two for a single post right now, so (at least for now) I’m not planning a “part 2”.

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