Izan Llunas, pt 1

I first heard of Izan just a couple of months ago when someone made a post here featuring his little brother, Axel. Needless to say, both brothers have found their way into my file for future posts in the “Long haired boys” series, but I also wanted to do a couple of posts featuring Izan. After all, cute as his little brother is, he doesn’t get *all* the attention 🙂

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Alejandro Carabias, a hot Mexican little singer

This hot eleven year old boy has an exceptional singing talent. But that was not what attracted my attention, but how handsome and his ability to heat the place where he is when he does not wear a shirt. And best of all, he lives in Acapulco, so his images are not missing, showing his attributes.

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Photoshopped Picture of Johnny Orlando

Hey guys, I though it would be interesting to share a little project if just finished. I had this image and it came to me that it could be way better! So I made it so, would love to hear your opinion on it and how well I photoshopped it. Also the boy in the picture is Johnny Orlando, i have more pictures of him so if you want to see those make sure to comment that you do. Besides that hope you enjoy this edit and I would love it if you give me feedback on it!


Original Image:


Photoshopped Image: