Joao and Andre Veronez

These twins of Brazilian origin are dedicated to modeling are two beauties that I found casually on the internet yesterday. These boys seemed too beautiful for me not to share here on the site. They are eight years old, but in spite of their young age they have an incredible body and a skin that seems to kiss with madness since it looks as if it were made of the softest silk. My favorite photos are those of the train tracks, where they show the elastic of the underwear protruding from the top of the pants and they know that it drives me crazy

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My Favorite Boys

Hi everyone I am new here. This is a collection of my favorite boys. If one of them was my boyfriend I would put a crown on their head and buy them a heart locklet necklace with our names and pictures inside. I would just DIE if one of them kissed me on the lips. Some of the boys’ names are real and some I made up.

Derek – One of my all-time favorites – this dude is just… my heart forever <3

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Lucas Royalty, a blond beauty

I have no words to describe the beauty of this boy. I just fell in love from the moment I saw it. His blond hair, his blue-green eyes are simply beautiful. But above all, he also has an athletic body that jumps out when he is not wearing a shirt. How not to fall in love with this boy?

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