“A Little Friend” Chapter 1

It was late June, July was a few days away, so we just got into summer. Which is not a season I’m a fan off. Mostly because of bees. Wasps more specifically actually. Bees are endangered so I do my best to help one of those fluffy adorable important helpers when I can. I’ve actually kept the bee hive in my backyard, and even planted some ice followers so they can thrive. But those aggressive dumb looking wasps that will sting you for no good reason, hate, and they come out the most in the summer. And maybe because of the hot sun recently thanks to *cough* us *cough* global warming *cough*.

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“A Little Friend” Prologue

So this is going to be a story I’ll be writing here, since I don’t think it’s a good idea to share it publicly. It’s Entirely fictional…. So, here we go.

Seven Months since college. Finished my studies in architecture. My father was a construction working and home designer back in the day. It was bound for me to take after his ‘Legacy’. I always had the strong interest in designing homes and construction. I can not stare at a house without trying to identify how it was constructed, from Blueprint to the finished product. As a young boy I always built bird houses, I even made my very own tree house as my dad was always working and my mother, well couldn’t quite understand how to put one together. My background is decorated with them, all different unique styles and colors, oh the birds injoy they’re especially designed quick visit homes to drink and feed. And now soon enough, I’m going to be able to makes homes for people such as myself.

Currently I am working with a small construction company that repair old houses or takes them down, it’s all about beginning somewhere right? At least the job offers a decent pay and some experience and exploration on construction where I can take it somewhere else in a few years.

Since I haven’t been home much, I haven’t been able to talk to my friend across the street from my place, Alan. He’s a ‘pro’ cyclist and runner, works at a shoe store as a sales associate. He’s about 25, same as me, just a little taller and more handsome then me I would say. So one day when I got home from the grocery store since I had the work day off, Alan came and helped me with my stuff from the store. I remember him saying something like “Those arms are already getting overworked brother, lemme give ya a hand!” After snatching the bags from my arms. He’s always been that super outgoing type dude that everyone would want to be friends with, loyal, funny, caring and smart. After he took the bags and catched me up on the news of his latest girlfriend, which I have never had a interest in any girls, or guys, I’ve sorta claimed myself Asexual. I turned to what I saw was new neighbors? I dident recall there being anyone new moving into the empty house beside Alan’s place. Alan caught me looking and pointed out they moved in three weeks ago. A woman, a man, and a young boy. But what caught my eye the most was, the boy? My eyes kept tracking him walking beside his father to the car grabbing a few boxes which I guess were coming from a storage locker.  but this boy. I don’t know why he caught my attention so much. I’ve seen so many kids when I was younger, from school, babysitting to even now just at parks, but none of them interested me so strangely like this kid did. His hair was a blonde gold color. A bit shorter on the back and sides, longer on the top. Pale skin, and from what I could tell was maybe bluish greenish eyes. It was hard to tell what his age was from the distance. His father handed him a smaller box which he could carry, his father had a medium length hair, a bit of stubble and a little on the aged side, maybe in his late 30’s, sorta looked like the guy from ‘Better call Saul’. The woman, stood at the houses door, blonde long hair, wavy down past her neck, slightly clear skin, with a bright smile as she let the boy pass her into the house. Where I finally got my attention back. I followed Alan into my place, questioning to myself, why did this boy give me this feeling? Feeling like, warmth? Chills, and my heart race for a short moment? Whatever it was, this wasent normal. this is how this whole thing started. Where I made my first little friend.

To Be Continued…

Hunter, a dream come true

A family of two members, a mother with her son, moved into the building a few years ago. The son, a boy who was about eight or nine years old, was the one who caught my attention the most. He was just beautiful: thin, curly blond hair, blue eyes, very white skin. My God, he looked like a God in miniature.

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